What do you mean Ghost Restaurant!

Online Ordering System

There is a new form of restaurants in town, restaurants that have no doors, no service staff, seating or name boards. Technology seems to have taken over everything, we love it because it seems to make our lives easier. With a click of a button, you now can get everything at your doorstep within a short period of time.

order online and stop the queue

order online and stop the queue

Well, the food industry has not been left behind, the world has welcomed virtual restaurants that only exist online, where customers order online and get them delivered to them wherever they are. While this is obviously comfortable for the buyers, as they do not have to go out in search of what to eat, the food vendors also enjoy a great number of advantages.

Running a ghost restaurant means low rent and establishment costs for the sellers. They do not have to get big stores fronts where they must pay so much rent and furnish it to taste just to keep it appealing to the public. The virtual restaurant can be run anywhere and is sustainable as long as your service is top notch and your food is great and hygienic. Ghost restaurants also attract lots of customers, especially from the younger generation. They love when they can get things done fast, and especially food which is s super essential part of existence. Most of the meals sold online are relatively cheaper and larger because the restaurant owners can avoid certain cost, because of not having a physical store.

These ghost restaurant owners make use of delivery services to help them deliver orders to customers homes and offices faster. This is probably one of the few major costs they accrue, but sometimes, customers even pay for the delivery of their orders. The commitment comes from employing service staff table service and everything in between is also eliminated. At the same time, customers do not have to watch pain dry waiting for meals sitting on a table. Yes, they have to wait for their online order to be delivered, but in the comfort of wherever they are. Plus, they do not need to order when they are super hungry, they can predict when it will arrive and order ahead of time. To be honest, the evolution of the ghost restaurant is a win-win situation for both the sellers and the buyers.

Ghost restaurants have taken a plunge further to make their own mobile apps for easy accessibility to customers. Now customers can download the app and place orders with one click. Payment is done online and a waiting time is stipulated. Within this period, the delivery service brings the orders straight down to whatever location the customer inputted while placing the order. One thing that ghost restaurant owners cannot afford to compromise the quality. Customers will not hesitate to search for another online option if you do not meet their culinary needs. Feedback help these online restaurants keep track of how well they are doing too, and to identify areas where they need to improve. One thing is certain, these restaurants that have no doors have come to stay.

Menu247 is one of the new service provider in the market offering restaurant specific app with an online ordering platform. There is no middle man collecting the money. Customers pay directly to the restaurant. Not like the major food ordering apps in the market, restaurants are not competing. Serve your customer your way on your terms. Visit our website for more details about Menu247.

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Buy a POS System on 12 monthly payments

Are you looking to Buy a POS system on monthly payment terms. But don’t want to pay fees for Finance Companies? Well, You have come to the right place.

Easy Payment Terms

Easy Payment Terms

At MiPOS we see an increasing number of customers willing to buy a POS systems on easy payment terms and pay off in 12 months with the cash flow generated buy the business.

MiPOS systems are designed for Retail Shops, Takeaways Shops, Pizza Shops, Cafes & Restaurants. Our POS Systems able to integrate Scales, Customers Displays, Barcode Scanners, Bump Screens, iPad tablet POS Terminals and much more.

Although MiPOS systems are fairly cost effective compared to other major providers in the Point of Sale Industry, there are many business owners prefer to take a payment plan to ease out the pressure on capital expense during setting up a business. So, our easy payment POS systems package is designed to help out that group of customers.

“Buy your POS system for a price of a cup of coffee”

MiPOS Easy Payment Terms Benefits :

One single payment per month for 12 months.

No monthly fees, account keeping fees or any additional payment.

Early payoff discounts.

Simple documentation.

Own your equipment at the end of terms.

Comprehensive Support Service throughout.

* Not available for all customers and conditions apply.

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5 tips to increase venue sales

Every business wants to increase venue sale, its profit margins. After all, more profit means more money in your pocket. This is especially true for the restaurant industry where even though profit margins can be high on most items, it would not take more than a few bad days to put your company in the red. Obviously, you could always increase your prices to make more profit.

MiPOS Customer - One Fine Day

MiPOS Customer – One Fine Day

We have a feeling that this would put many people off coming through your doors, however. This could have the opposite effect to what you intended. So, we are going to share a few ways in which you can boost your sales instead.

Know your menu

It is important that your staff know your menu inside out. Train them about the products on your menu. If the customers have a question, then your team will be able to answer it for them. If the customers want a recommendation, then your team will be able to give it to them. Your waiting team should be acting like a person in any other sales job.


You need to choose staff that are enthusiastic. You need to opt for ones which are a joy to listen to. This is because they are going to be talking about the food that you have on the menu. If they can inject some excitement into their voice when they discuss it, then they are more likely to convince the customer to pick up some of the more expensive items on the menu!


You should always be looking to upsell. Obviously, you should be doing this with drinks and the like (this is where a lot of your profit will be coming from), but you should also be doing it on your food too. For example; if a customer has decided that they want a good steak, then recommend the most expensive steak on the list. If you have a cafe-type establishment, or maybe a takeaway, then you may wish to encourage your customer to go large on their meal. The extra cost to you should not be that much here, but when you start to get a few of those people increasing the size of their meal, the extra cash coming in should start to add up quickly.

MiPOS Customer - Red Fig Tree

MiPOS Customer – Red Fig Tree

Encourage Splitting of Desserts and Starters

There is a chance that your customers will not be considering ordering either of these. If they are not, then encourage them to split the starter or dessert. After all, it is going to be better for your company’s cash-flow if you sell one rather than zero, right? It also ensures that the customer stays at your place longer. This may increase the amount of drinks that they are ordering.

Always be there for your customers

Finally; always make sure that you are there for your customers. Learn what their needs are. Have a loyalty scheme in place. Give them an incentive to keep coming back to you. It really will help when it comes to increasing your sales.

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Top 5 restaurant loyalty ideas – let’s get creative

If you own a business and want to get people through the door, then a restaurant loyalty ideas is a fantastic way to do that. Of course, there are several different ways in which you can run your restaurant loyalty scheme. This is not a complete list by any stretch of the imagination, but it should get those ideas flowing.

Price-Cost-Value2 for 1 Meal Offers

If you run a restaurant or a cafe, then it is likely that you will have days of the week where you really do not have enough people coming through your doors. For example; a Tuesday night. Perhaps one of the best ways in which you can combat this is by having some 2 for 1 deals in place. You are selling a meal (obviously), but you also have 2 people coming in for some drinks where you can make some profit on it. If people were planning to go out that evening, then they are more likely to head to you than one of your competitors.

Since this is a ‘loyalty scheme’, then hand out the vouchers for this offer to patrons as they are leaving your establishment on one of the busier nights of the week (unless they have complained about your service, then maybe not)

Facebook Like or Check In

This is one of our favourite loyalty bonuses. Give people something free should they tell their social media that they are at your place. It is one of the cheapest forms of advertising you can invest in. People are more than happy to do it too (obviously, make sure that they have no complaints about your service before you encourage them to share stuff!)

MiPOS loyalty programs cards

MiPOS loyalty programs cards

Loyalty Cards

This is something which works well for cafes or any place where people will pick up their lunch. Have a loyalty card. The best route to go down is to pick up a POS which allows the loyalty card to be swiped through. Makes everything quick and easy. It also allows you to keep a more detailed record of customer spending. Alternatively, you can have a ‘stamp’ card in place. It is a bit more primitive, but could save you money.

One of our favourite routes to go down here is the idea of offering double loyalty points on your less busier days of the week. Again, a great way to get people coming through the door.

The loyalty points your customer receives can be used to ‘pay’ for items.

Coffee and Cake

Ideal if you run a cafe. If you have a regular person come in, then give them a voucher for coffee and cake. Easy. Chances are that when they come back in to use that voucher, they will buy some extra stuff at the same time. Hopefully coffee and cake is not going to be breaking the bank for your business!

Happy Hour

Not for alcohol! (well, you can do that if you wish). We are talking more a ‘personal happy hour’. If a customer spends a certain amount in an evening, then everything they get after that is discounted. It is a great way to encourage people to spend more with you.

Spend and Win

Not the most popular loyalty scheme in the world, but it could work. With this, spend a certain amount in the restaurant and you are entered in a prize draw to win something amazing. Simple stuff.

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Take control of Orders in the Kitchen – Order Printers

If you run a kitchen, there is nothing worse than having orders go missing. You are going to end up with some incredibly irritated customers. Sadly, it happens all the time. This is why you need to take steps to ensure that you can take complete control of your orders. One such method is using order printer attached to your point of sales system.

When you opt for our restaurant POS or cafe POS, you will be able to have orders printed out automatically and sent to your kitchen order printer. This way you can be 100% positive that your kitchen is receiving them. Every piece of information will be sent to them. If you maintain some sort of order like this, then there is little chance that you will end up with a disappointed customer!

One of the major benefits of our POS systems, other than the fact that orders will not get lost, is the fact that the orders are nice and clear. How many times has your restaurant or cafe suffered from an order mix-up because you could not read the waiter or waitresses writing? If it has happened more than a couple of times, then you will know that you have an issue. When the order is printed, it is going to come out in a nice and clear font. There will be no chance that information can be missed unless the chefs or cooks are not paying attention.

Of course, when the information is printed like this, then you can also add order options. Most people who order in a restaurant like to change up their dish a little bit e.g. use a little bit less spice in it, or maybe they want to ensure that allergens are not present near their dish. Information like this, which is incredibly important information, can get missed if you are not careful. Once again, having the order printed out properly is going to ensure that this is not going to be an issue in the slightest.

The final benefit is that at the end of the day, it is going to be far easier to go through the orders and work out what your sales are. Although, to be honest, all this information is going to be on your point of sales system anyway, so you should be able to read through that information with ease!

If you are looking for a system which will ensure that order issues are kicked out the window, or maybe to ensure that you are able to take orders with a bit more fluidity, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team here today. We will be more than happy to walk you through the point of sales options we have available for your business. If you wish to use one of our solutions, then you just need to pick up the telephone and we will be more than happy to set up a demonstration.

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POS Demonstration – POS DEMO – Why is it Important?

POS Demonstration - POS DEMO - Why is it Important?

POS Demonstration – POS DEMO – Why is it Important?


It is common for people to spend months and months researching the POS system which is right for their business. We do not blame you. It is important that you research to ensure that you are not spending masses of cash on something that your business can’t use. However, eventually looking at a POS online is not going to help. You need something more. You need physical evidence that it is right for you. This is where a POS demonstration will come into play.

There are several benefits to a physical demonstration of the point of sale system. These includes:

Physical evidence

You will be able to enjoy physical evidence that the solution is perfect. The demonstrator will be able to walk you through the system and highlight the various features that offers, as well as details on the amount of customization that you have at your disposal. Only by seeing the system work ‘for real’ will you be able to determine whether the system is right for you or not.


When you have a system demonstrated to you, you have confidence that your money is being spent in the best possible place. There are so many people out there who will blind buy a point of sales system and this is not something that really works. You are investing in your business, so make sure you are making the right investment. Would you blind buy any of the stock that you sell?


It is likely that the system will be demonstrated by somebody who knows what they are talking about. Well, at least you can be sure of this if you opt to work with us. When you work with our team of sales professionals, they will be able to walk you through how the point of sales solution works. They will then be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about it. We know that you will likely have many burning questions about our solutions which will not be answered anywhere else on our website, so it is great to know that you are being provided with the information that you need.

Customised Demonstrations

As you know, our solutions are customised to the needs of the business. Whether you are looking for a POS System for a Cafe, a POS System for a restaurant, or something different altogether, we have the solution that is right for you. When you opt for one of our live demonstrations, we will be able to show you how everything works for your business.

If you have any questions about having a POS demonstration, or maybe wish to set up a POS demonstration for the various solutions that we offer here, then feel free to get in touch with our team today. We would absolutely love to help you out. Remember; we are able to schedule the demonstration at your convenience. We are positive that you will love the solutions we have for your business.

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The day before you buy a POS System


POS System is the record keeper of your Cafe or Restaurant. There are hundreds of coffees, drinks and meals you would provide to customers and it’s the POS system that helps you to place those orders, keep the records accurate at the end of the day to provide you with accurate information to run a profitable business.

Your POS system is a considerable investment and it’s important that you would make the right choice the first time.

There are several components to a good POS system when buying one.

  1. POS Hardware: POS Terminals, Cash Drawers, Printers, POS Tablets, etc
  2. POS Software: POS software designed for Hospitality Business.
  3. Warranty: Your hardware and and Software is covered by this warranty.
  4. Service & Support: Technical support and expertise you would need in-case of a problem.

You do no have the time to visit all POS Solution providers in the market. Therefore, Do you online research based on how long they have been in business, how good the software by watching online videos, finding them have local office and support, and then to go visit them for a DEMO.

The DEMO is an important event you must attend to, before you make any commitment to buy a POS System.

Few important factors to look at at the time of a DEMO

  1. How easy is to operate the software.
  2. How easy to manage the system (Add new products, etc)
  3. How easy it would be to train a new staff.
  4. Are there any ongoing fees.
  5. How would you get support.
  6. Do you have all the features you would require (Table layout, Kitchen docket, etc)
  7. Do I get required Sales and Performance reports to make evaluations and decisions.

Simply make sure this software you are committing is something you and your employees would love to use with minimal compromises.

What you have to look for, in a POS System

You can go for a DIY POS System. Do everything your self. May be use a Free to Use POS Software available Online. But all this depends on how technologically-savvy you are, how large your business is, and how much time you’re willing to sink into the POS system setup.

Alternatively, you can contact a professional POS company such as MiPOS (for example) who provides software, hardware, training and support. MiPOS is one such retail and hospitality POS provider, offering your business a complete POS solution that gives you a flexibility of getting into a ready to start POS system with minimal time to spend setting up.

POS hardware

POS hardware is as important as POS software – POS Hardware that you purchase has to stand the heavy duty operation of your busy restaurant flow. If the hardware can not perform as well as your pos software, your amazing POS software has no use.

MiPOS Point of Sale Terminals are heavy duty terminals and built to last. It’s perfect for counters and bars, and work well in busy kitchens and service areas. These areas can be wet and messy, but our terminals are resilient, reliable and will stand up for it. MiPOS POS Tablets, iPAD Solution and POS peripherals are also popular a choices for retail and hospitality venues, giving your staff greater mobility and enhancing their service, delivery and productivity.

POS Warranty & Support

Do not ignore the fact that you need Technical Support for your POS systems. It is arguably the most important piece of technology service in your retail or hospitality venue. If the POS system goes down for any failure or miss configuration, you need prompt support you … Read the rest ...

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Best POS System for Hospitality Business from MiPOS

If you are looking for the best hospitality pos system for your business, we believe we can help.

When you are operating a hospitality business, your customers are absolutely everything. You need to deal with them in the quickest possible manner while also ensuring that you can deliver the service that they deserve. This can be exceedingly difficult. One way in which you can make your life a little bit easier would be to invest in a Point of Sale (POS) system which you can utilize to streamline various aspects of the business.

Whether you are looking for a cafe POS system or a restaurant POS system, you need something which can cope with the fast-paced environment of food service. You need to be able to get to grips with the system quickly. When you use it, you need to need to be positive that you are not making any mistakes. When you opt for one of the MiPOS systems, you can be positive of this. All our systems have been designed to be simple to use.

You can not afford to have any mistakes with an order. There is nothing that is going to upset a customer more. The best POS system for a hospitality business will help to prevent this. These systems will ensure that it is on impossible to hit the incorrect button. If you wish, many of our systems can be set up in such a way that the order can automatically be displayed to the team in the kitchen too. This, once again, helps to speed things up and minimizes the number of mistakes that you are making.

A good quality POS system will speed up the amount of time it takes to input an order. This is so important in the hospitality industry as you are going to have very little downtime between dealing with customers. You need to be able to get that order into the system within minutes, if not seconds.

Of course, not every restaurant or cafe s the same. This means that your cafe POS system or restaurant POS system needs to be fully adaptable to your needs. You need to be able to change prices and the menu on a whim. You need to have options in place so dishes can be customized especially for the customer. If you do not have these options, then you really can’t say the system is great because you are not going to be giving your customers exactly what they want which is, of course, key to working within … Read the rest ...

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must have best POS System for Cafes and Restaurants

Speed, flexibility, reliability, value for money and simplicity; these are the key elements using a best POS System for Cafes and Restaurants.

Whether you are running a coffee shop with a non stop flow of customers, a cafe, pizza shop or restaurant, point of sale systems is an essential part of the service you can provide for your customers. Your customers demand accuracy, a fast service and the ability to go off menu to meet their particular desires. The Point of Sale system you buy must be able to deliver these requirements.

MiPOS - best pos system for cafes & restaurants with customer display

MiPOS – best pos system for cafes & restaurants with customer display

The MiPOS service is a superb option having the best POS system in Melbourne, offering delivery within the city, and also installation and onsite training for owners and their staff.

Another important point is to use a POS system that is best for your business.  Smaller outlets may simply need something to produce order dockets and receipts.  Places employing few staff can work best with a tablet based mobile POS system. As a Point of Sale System Supplier, MiPOS can offer each of these, but also the more complex systems which play multiple roles within your organisation.

A POS system for restaurants should offer these kinds of multiple services.  It should be able to manage tables, be easy to use for your waiting team as they select customers’ meal choices, allow for special requests and easily indicate options, ensuring accuracy and customer satisfaction. The ability to record take-away choices is also important.

The requirement for POS system for pizza shops has slightly different needs, and an effective POS system will enable this. Accuracy in recording information is harder over the phone than face to face, so the system must be simple to use. Stock and delivery details need to be up to date, and a system that keeps on eye on staff is also of benefit, helping to create a more secure environment for all.

However, for someone running a café or coffee shop, requirements can differ once again. Here, speed is everything. The best Point of Sale systems in Melbourne, with its wide range of coffee shops, need to be fast. If they are not, then customers will take their trade elsewhere. It doesn’t matter how great your coffee might be, or how succulent your muffins, if consumers have to wait, they go elsewhere.

The MiPOS Point of Sale system for cafes and coffee shops can deal with an order in only twenty seconds. A real win for owners.

A POS system supplier that provides both POS hardware and POS software is important, enabling you to keep the whole product under one provider. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, you know exactly where to go to get it sorted, and there is no hunting around, being shifted from one supplier to another, to find user guidance.

Remember, though, what your eatery is about. It is the food and beverages that define your business.  But the systems that support it must be efficient, appropriate for purpose and easy to use. They also need to be value for money. Your POS system will be integral to the running of your business, but, to the customer, it won’t be noticed.

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MiPOS System Backup Process

mipos system backup to usb key

mipos system backup to usb key

MiPOS System will remind you every 30days (by default) to get a Database backup to an external USB storage device.

It is important that you store this backup on to an external USB storage (USB storage drive), 16GB USB stick is sufficient for this task.

Step 1: Press Menu and scroll down and press “Configuration”. Then select “Backup & Reset” tab (No.1,2,3).

MiPOS System Backup Step 1

MiPOS System Backup Step 1

Step 2: Press “Backup” button (No.4). This will popup a windows asking for a place to save the Database backup file (No.5). Select the external USB drive and give today’s date as the name of the file (No.6) and press SAVE.

Ex. “29072017” (No.6) This way, you will never overwrite existing backup files with new ones.

MiPOS System Backup Step 2

MiPOS System Backup Step 2

Step 3: Wait until you get a confirmation message and press OK (No.7).

MiPOS System Backup Step 3

MiPOS System Backup Step 3

Step 4: Lookup the saved file on the USB drive just to make sure the file exists.

Important : If you are getting an Error, please contact MiPOS for support.

This Database backup holds all your system menu, stock, inventory, receipt information, customer details, vouchers created, VIP points and discounts. In the event of a system failure or theft, this database back holds vital information to restore your MiPOS System.

Size of the Database backup depends on the number of transactions you do. But usually upto about 25MB on the first year and goes up to about 250MB after 3 years from our experience for an average Restaurant.

Checkout the MiPOS Backup Process Video

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