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Using a POS System at a Retail Shop

Using a Retail Point of Sale (POS) System in a Retail Business

Display Prices

When it comes to running a retail business operation, it is imperative for people to see the prices they are paying for, as clearly as possible. MiPOS helps you come up with labels for products and shelves as well as create barcodes which can be scanned during checkout. Some other features available in MiPOS for Retail Business Operations include Credit Notes, Gift Vouchers, and more.

It is also possible to create signs which use product images with description and pricing for your customers to see in one glance the products they are searching for and know its cost.

Gift Vouchers

You can sell Gift vouchers through MiPOS Software and redeem it at your chosen later date. Gift vouchers let you keep track of bought vouchers in the event of theft or loss. You can also link gift vouches to your custom gift cards, stationery, or MiPOS can print out the voucher through the receipt printer. Every gift voucher is monitored and tracked through MiPOS which makes it easy to replace any lost gift voucher.


Laybys are being used to provide customers a specific time frame for paying off a purchase prior to bringing the products home. Customers could make a deposit on the products that the retailer will keep in storage until the products have been completely paid off or the customers decide to cancel the layby.

It is common to use laybys in retail sectors for items that don’t perish. You will get the ability to set the length of time that the customer can leave a product on layby together as well as the amount of required deposit.

Barcode Scanning

MiPOS uses barcodes for fast entry of stock products to the sales screen with the use of a barcode scanner. These can also be used for stock control made possible with the use of the Stock Manage App. Scanning is also useful on customer accounts for the membership cards, accounts, bar tabs, and for employees to log on a sale.

As an added feature, MiPOS allows multiple barcodes for a single product. Shop owners may use this feature to simplify the inventory.

Label Printing

MiPOS can come up with labels which you can print out on different mediums to be used with the barcode scanners. Customers, promotions, and stock items can all be printed with the use of different label settings.


Signs let you print out products which include images with the prices to advertise around your store which helps promote products. Design and save formats for use in the future and arrange components anywhere you like. Add different elements like Description, Image, Notes, and Price and show promotional details on signs for improved engagement.

Credit Note or Exchanges

Credit notes are utilized to give to customers who bought products. However, instead of providing a tender refund, they get a credit note that corresponds to the value of returned items to be spent in your shop.

These details are stored in MiPOS database and retrievable anytime when the customer lost the receipt.

Advertising Display on POS System

MiPOS Dual Screen POS Terminal is the best option to display advertising and promotions when customer is at the counter. MiPOS provide a standard 10 inch Customer Display Screen attached to the POS Terminal. The Screen Displays what customers buys and displays advertising and promotions at the same time.

Digital Signage

MiPOS provide more personalized Managed Digital Signage Solutions for Retail Shops. This option is suitable for Video presentations and content that needs displaying on

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Using a POS System at a Cafe

Using a POS System at a Busy Fast Food and Quick Service Cafe

Overview on Cafes POS

Cafes are the first place you go when you want to enjoy a cup of coffee and grab a bit, catch up with your friends, or simply to relax and unwind. However, a completely different story falls in place every service hour of the day behind the counter. The staff members run around as they clear tables, make coffees, prepare meals, and take money. Service must be fast and efficient, as well as easy and reliable. It is where MiPOS comes in handy.

Are you using order numbers or do you provide table service? Do you require kitchen printing or you just give the docket to your chef? Are you using customer loyalty cards to encourage customers to come back? If any or all of these is yes, then rest assured that MiPOS can handle all of them and more.

Customer Rewards

If you have special offers in your Cafe, you can count on MiPOS to help you out. Through adding your customers then linking a code, barcode, or name with them, the rewards they get are tracked and kept in the database within MiPOS.

Table Map

MiPOS has a graphical table ordering map which lets you upload a bitmap of the floor layout and make this well represented on the screen. It allows the staff to easily align themselves to determine their sections, with new staff quickly grasping the locations of the tables to speed up their service. Table ordering make it easy to handling order when a restaurant provides a dine-in service.

Hold Print

This hold print function is useful if a group of people sits at one table but prefers to order and pay for their orders separately. The clerk in charge of the POS terminal can use this hold print function to prevent orders from being sent to the kitchen monitor or kitchen printer until the very last person finished ordering their meal.

Kitchen Printing

Save your staff from the hassle of having to walk from the terminal or table to the kitchen just to get an order delivered. Let the kitchen printing from MiPOS take the trip on their behalf. Get all orders printed out clearly and duplicate them on dockets for various courses.

Bump Screen

Don’t like printing every order. Want to go green. Or too wet to handle paper printouts. Bump screens are the best option. Replacing Printers, Bump Screens does the same job. It’s a touchscreen that displays the orders with a timer and buzz after a preferred period. Removing orders from the screen by touch is called Bump out.

Handheld Ordering iPad

To get the best out of your staff efficiency and service times, MiPOS offers a iPad which will let your staff take orders. Table status indicators are going to be displayed on the app to save the staff from having to go near a POS terminal just to check how every table is traveling.

Order Numbers

Order numbers can give cafes the flexibility of assigning customers a number for delivering drinks and food and reusing the number again in the later part of the day.

Online Ordering

Menu247 makes it possible for your customers to order in advance to help save time the moment they step foot on your Cafe. This online order feature makes everything simpler, faster, and more convenient for you and your customers alike. It eliminates the need for waiting time so you can have orders prepared way before they finished settling down in their table.


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Win7 Error: User Profile Service failed the logon

How to fix User Profile Service failed the logon on Windows 7

1. Login Safe Mode
2. Search – regedit

3. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Microsoft -> Windows NT -> Current Version -> ProfileList
4. Look for 2 files with the same name
5. Change .bak to .ba
6. Add .bak to the orginal file
7. Remove .ba
(This way you end up swithing .bak between files)
8. Select “State” on switched Profile -> Right Click and Modify -> Change Value to 0
9. Select “RefCount” on the same profile -> Right Click and Modify -> Change Value to 0
10. Exit and Restart the Computer
11. You might see the message one more time, just Restart again.

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MiPOS Referral Program

MiPOS Referral Program

Join MiPOS referral program and enjoy a generous commission as to say thank you from us.

Being a referral partner at MiPOS means you recommend our products to your customers and in return, we offer a commission for that service. We would like to sit down with you at some point to introduce our products in detailed, so that you are aware of the highlights of our product range consist of – POS Systems – POS Software – Online Ordering Systems – Business Phone Systems and other partner products. You will also be aware of a comparison of products and service of MiPOS and how we serve your customers better.

We try to keep our referral program as simple and straightforward as possible. Therefore anyone has a Customer Portfolio, Individual or a Group of Customers, whom you’d would like to be introduced to MiPOS, can be confident that they understand our products and return benefit they are entitled to.

We are an IT Company with a range of IT product suitable for everyday businesses. By passing on leads and contacts, referral members in the our referral program have a potential of receiving up to $500 per successful paid customer.

Just complete the referral program form below. We will contact you to meet us in person for an introduction and a demonstration session. Let’s get the ball rolling, help us – help you.

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What do you mean Ghost Restaurant!

Menu247 - Online Ordering System

There is a new form of restaurants in town, restaurants that have no doors, no service staff, seating or name boards. Technology seems to have taken over everything, we love it because it seems to make our lives easier. With a click of a button, you now can get everything at your doorstep within a short period of time.

Well, the food industry has not been left behind, the world has welcomed virtual restaurants that only exist online, where customers order online and get them delivered to them wherever they are. While this is obviously comfortable for the buyers, as they do not have to go out in search of what to eat, the food vendors also enjoy a great number of advantages.

Running a ghost restaurant means low rent and establishment costs for the sellers. They do not have to get big stores fronts where they must pay so much rent and furnish it to taste just to keep it appealing to the public. The virtual restaurant can be run anywhere and is sustainable as long as your service is top notch and your food is great and hygienic. Ghost restaurants also attract lots of customers, especially from the younger generation. They love when they can get things done fast, and especially food which is s super essential part of existence. Most of the meals sold online are relatively cheaper and larger because the restaurant owners can avoid certain cost, because of not having a physical store.

These ghost restaurant owners make use of delivery services to help them deliver orders to customers homes and offices faster. This is probably one of the few major costs they accrue, but sometimes, customers even pay for the delivery of their orders. The commitment comes from employing service staff table service and everything in between is also eliminated. At the same time, customers do not have to watch pain dry waiting for meals sitting on a table. Yes, they have to wait for their online order to be delivered, but in the comfort of wherever they are. Plus, they do not need to order when they are super hungry, they can predict when it will arrive and order ahead of time. To be honest, the evolution of the ghost restaurant is a win-win situation for both the sellers and the buyers.

Ghost restaurants have taken a plunge further to make their own mobile apps for easy accessibility to customers. Now customers can download the app and place orders with one click. Payment is done online and a waiting time is stipulated. Within this period, the delivery service brings the orders straight down to whatever location the customer inputted while placing the order. One thing that ghost restaurant owners cannot afford to compromise the quality. Customers will not hesitate to search for another online option if you do not meet their culinary needs. Feedback help these online restaurants keep track of how well they are doing too, and to identify areas where they need to improve. One thing is certain, these restaurants that have no doors have come to stay.

Menu247 is one of the new service provider in the market offering restaurant specific app with an online ordering platform. There is no middle man collecting the money. Customers pay directly to the restaurant. Not like the major food ordering apps in the market, restaurants are not competing. Serve your customer your way on your terms. Visit our website for more details about Menu247.

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Is it time to replace POS System?

Are you still using an old school cash register?
Are you not happy with your current POS system or the limited features? It’s time to replace POS system.

Let’s have a look at some signs that your Retail Shop, Cafe or Restaurant telling you that it needs a new POS system.

If your POS hardware has unstable equipment such as receipt printers, kitchen printers, POS Terminals always needs attention like restarting is an indication of a possible imminent system wide failure in the near future. Or, maybe the POS system simply doesn’t seem to be running as well as it once did. Last thing you want it a screen that does not turn ON on a Saturday night and 10 people standing on the counter to settle bills. Components of your POS system can be fixed, but the cost of onsite emergency repairs and loss of business will eventually exceed the price of buying a new POS system with a peace of mind.

If you endure these glitches instead of investing in a new smooth POS technology, your customers continue to experience delays and difficulty in settling their bills and sees that you make lot of mistakes. You may lose their confident in your business to the establishment down the street.

May be you need additional functionality or you have outgrown your current POS system’s feature list. Today’s hospitality industry is fraught with increased competition as well as with rising labor and running costs. This makes it vital for average business to have a help-full POS system working 100% for the business. By then only it will enable you to improve per head spend, enhance customer/staff satisfaction, manage floor staff efficiently, streamlined kitchen food output and on top, accepting orders online, via mobile devices, and/or through self-service systems.

Make use of loyalty programs, Gift Vouchers will increasing diner frequency and customer retention. Not having these features when the customers wanting them will tend customer to walk to a different venue that has these features.

A good POS gives you analytical information using your sales history to reduce food costs through portion controls and inventory tracking, while minimizing labor expenditures through employee scheduling and overtime restrictions. Opting to run POS software that does not include these features and capabilities could have a negative impact on your bottom line. You don’t want to drive a car by only looking at the rear mirror, would you?

If the POS system is out of warranty, and your current POS provider is lack of responding for support, it’s time to look for a service provider who cares or comes to an agreement with a support plan. You might have developed terms with your existing POS system over the years. It is extremely difficult to handle major issues on your own when that hits the fan.

It’s always wise to practice your emergency scenarios. What would you do if the POS system goes offline on a busy Saturday night. You do your practice of emergency procedures to be used in case of fire. The feeling is mutual in both events. Have some manual order books ready and have your floor staff informed, in my opinion is not a waste of time.

Not all POS systems were made equal!
Information collected by Guy PERERA @ MiPOS Point of Sale System
Call us : 0390052010


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POS System Buyers Guide

POS System Buyers Guide


Setting up a professional Point of Sale (POS) System is one of the most important steps in creating a successful retail or hospitality business. The right system will increase your efficiency, productivity and profits. When making such an important investment for your business, it is important to take the time to carefully compare all systems available to you.In this POS System Buyers Guide, it may take a bit of extra effort now, it will be worth your while in the long run.

Why bother?
Customers appreciate prompt and accurate service, so it goes without saying that an efficient POS system will vastly increase your customers’ satisfaction and bring them back again. Not only will the right system increase business capacity, it will also make managing your business far simpler. A well set up POS system is able to … Eliminate shrinkage, Improve accuracy, Give detailed sales reports, Manage inventory and stock, Reduce paperwork

The 5 most important things to consider…
When buying your POS system, there are many factors which you need to consider. You need to discuss your individual needs with the company before making a decision, but there are some considerations that are essential, whatever your industry.

1. Price

First point of the POS System Buyers Guide is – Needless to say, price is the most obvious consideration businesses take into account when seeking a new POS system. Costs are often varied, depending on the quality and quantity of the hardware, software and support you receive. However, price should not be your main consideration when comparing POS systems. Whatever system you go with, it will easily pay for itself through decreased expenses and increased business. On the other hand, a cheap system will often drive business away, not to mention the complete lack of knowledge and support provided by discount suppliers.

Also, avoid buying second-hand systems, whatever the discount may be. Second-hand machines are already personalized for the previous owner. The equipment could be not under warranty, and it can be difficult to make it work for your own business. They also often lack the licenses, warranty and support that you receive with new registers.

In saying that, price is obviously an issue for everyone, particularly for small businesses. Purchase directly from a software developer that sells POS Hardware. Most suppliers are simply resellers and distributors, who have themselves reselling the POS software at a jacked-up price. Software developers like EzyPOS (ExSET Holdings Pty Ltd) are in the industry supplying Hardware and Software under one business. EzyPOS even is capable to customize the POS software if you have a unique requirement, which resellers can not do.

2. Quality

Second point of the POS System Buyers Guide is – At first glance, it may appear that all POS systems are more or less the same, however nothing could be further from the truth! Like anything on the market, quality varies significantly across the board. It is important that you carefully examine the company and the products before you purchase anything. Though they may be easier on the pocket now, cheaper models will only end up costing you more time and money down the track.

Of course, not every business needs a “top-of-the-line” POS System, but it is vital that you consider the quality of the products and software. For example, the cash drawers of cheaper brands can often be opened without a key, or by applying a little pressure, which is obviously highly risky … Read the rest ...

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Buy a POS System on 12 monthly payments

Are you looking to Buy a POS system on monthly payment terms. But don’t want to pay fees for Finance Companies? Well, You have come to the right place.

At MiPOS we see an increasing number of customers willing to buy a POS systems on easy payment terms and pay off in 12 months with the cash flow generated buy the business.

MiPOS systems are designed for Retail Shops, Takeaways Shops, Pizza Shops, Cafes & Restaurants. Our POS Systems able to integrate Scales, Customers Displays, Barcode Scanners, Bump Screens, iPad tablet POS Terminals and much more.

Although MiPOS systems are fairly cost effective compared to other major providers in the Point of Sale Industry, there are many business owners prefer to take a payment plan to ease out the pressure on capital expense during setting up a business. So, our easy payment POS systems package is designed to help out that group of customers.

“Buy your POS system for a price of a cup of coffee”

MiPOS Easy Payment Terms Benefits :

One single payment per month for 12 months.

No monthly fees, account keeping fees or any additional payment.

Early payoff discounts.

Simple documentation.

Own your equipment at the end of terms.

Comprehensive Support Service throughout.

* Not available for all customers and conditions apply.

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POS Solution – Restaurant POS System – Hospitality POS

POS Solution – Restaurant POS System – Hospitality POS

A Hospitality POS System can be more than a touch-screen terminal, cash drawer and a printer. We can add scales, scanners, multiple kitchen printers, mobile phone apps, tablets and more to give your system the exact level of features and facilities. MiPOS is a Hospitality POS Supplier and a Software House in Melbourne. Our in-house developed POS software is one of the Popular POS Systems and Software you can find in Cafes and Restaurants in Melbourne.
Our sales process is super fast. You can complete an average sale in 10 seconds (based on an average sale).


Easy to use POS Software: Our Software is very easy to use and understand. Everything is self explained.
Table Service Mode: In restaurant Mode, Our Software works with Table Layout that you can manage orders efficiently.
Quick Service Mode: Suitable for Cafes and Takeaways, Makes a sales process very fast and keep count of all your transactions.
Retail Mode: Suitable for Retail Shops with barcodes and large range of a product lines.
Reliable Hardware: We use carefully selected set of POS Terminals and Accessories. Guaranteed to be Brand New and Last a long time.
Mobile POS Tablets: We can provide Wifi Tablets for better customer experience and floor service.
Multiple Terminals: Our system is ready to add more terminals as your required for easy access by multiple staff.
Kitchen Printers: Multiple Printers to send orders. Kitchen Printer, Bar Printer, Pizza Printer. You can have upto 10 Printers to send orders.
Bump Screens: Operate you cafe area paperless and all orders going into a touch screen. You can Have upto 5 Bump Screens.
Promotions & Loyalty Cards: We can provide a good VIP Loyalty Card System that can run VIP points or VIP discounts promotions for your regular customers.
Email & SMS Marketing: Flexibility to run your Email and SMS to your customers with our Marketing Module.
We are providing a short training for the Software Free of Charge at the time of Pickup. This would take about 45 minutes.
Price Advertised is for a 15″ Touchscreen POS System, Including 80mm Thermal Printer, Cash Drawer and Software.
This System includes an All-in-One 15″ Touchscreen POS Terminal, designed for POS use.
You pay for all Brand New Equipment. Nothing is refurbished.
Most of the cheap POS Systems in market supplied with used recycled computers.
1. You can add multiple Kitchen Printers as you require.
2. You can upgrade to a Dual Screen POS Terminal. Stylish! Display Promotions to Customers.
3. You can add POS Terminals and Mobile POS Tablets to your existing system as you grow.
POS training videos, Remote Support, Phone Support.
12 months return to base Warranty.

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Are you purchasing a business with a MiPOS System?


Following some information for you as a new business owner using an existing MiPOS System.

MiPOS Software has no ongoing License Fees

“No License Fees” – Means that you don’t have to pay a recurring fee to continue to operate MiPOS Software.

MiPOS provide a onetime FREE setup and training to the owners at the time of purchase of the POS System and continue to support supplied product as per our Warranty Terms and Conditions. Resetting, Restoring, software upgrades, menu setup and training afterwords for existing customers as well as new owners are paid support.

Our Support

We do our remote support via “Teamviewer” Software.

Temviewer software is already installed on the POS system. You need to connect the POS to internet via Wifi or Ethernet before open this application. This application displays “Your ID” (9 digit number and a password) which we need over the phone at the time of establishing a Remote Access.

Resetting the system

Resetting the system – Means deleting your transaction history and other sales related information, under the same business name.

Go to Configuration > Backup and Reset
We can at no cost or You may do it by your self at your own risk.

Restoring the system

Restoring the system – Means removing all business and menu information to transfer the ownership of your business to a new business.

We require your LOGO (if you have one), Business Name, Address, ABN, Phone Number to setup the receipt.

Please contact us to find the cost of Restoring your POS System*

*Software version remains the same and does not cover menu setup or software training.

New Business Owner

New Business Owner – Means we will provide you a software training, menu setup, receipt setup and continue to support 30days free of charge for you to get familiar with system.

Please contact us to find the cost of this extended service.^

^Software version remains the same. Visiting us with your POS Hardware for training is the preferred option. You may choose an onsite training, Subject to travelling costs and staff availability.

New Business Owner with Software Upgrade

At this point we recognize you as a new customer and take you through a new POS Software Installation process.

MiPOS Software Only

Any questions, please let us know.

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