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Retail POS Systems

Our retail POS system is designed to streamline and improve business operations, with features such as inventory management, sales tracking, and customer management. It also includes promotions, vouchers, discounts and surcharges, making it highly customizable to meet the unique needs of your retail business.

Cafe POS System

Our cafe POS system is designed to meet the needs of cafe and restaurant businesses. It includes features such as table management, menu management, and order tracking. Additionally, it offers tools for discounts, surcharges, and customer loyalty programs to improve the overall customer experience and drive sales.

Restaurant POS System

Our restaurant POS system is designed to streamline and improve business operations, with features such as table management, menu management, order tracking, and inventory management. It also includes tools for discounts, surcharges, and customer loyalty programs to drive sales.

POS Software

Our POS software is designed to streamline and improve business operations for retail and hospitality businesses. It includes features such as inventory management, sales tracking, customer management, promotions, vouchers, discounts and surcharges. It is highly customizable to meet the unique needs of your business.


A highly customizable POS system for retail and hospitality businesses

POS Features-packed POS System for Retail and Hospitality Businesses

A highly customizable and feature-rich POS system designed for the unique needs of retail and hospitality businesses. This system offers a range of configurable options including design, ordering, payment processing, printing, management, stock inventory tracking, analytics, and reporting, making it a versatile solution for businesses of all sizes and types.

POS Software Features


The POS system manages both orders and payments.


Quick Sales

Enable front-of-house teams to effortlessly process orders and payments. Ideal for quick-service checkout, takeaways, and high-speed ordering and payment venues.

POS Features 1


Tables & Floor Plan

The graphical table layout enables the management of tables and the restaurant floor plan. With this feature, users can take orders, change bookings, and close out table bills.

POS Features 2


Orders on iPads

Using iPads, customer orders can be taken right at their table. This eliminates the need for waitstaff to travel between the POS and the customer, providing a more efficient and improved table service experience.

iPad Integration


Split Bills

The system enables easy splitting of bills, allowing a group of customers to pay for their individual orders.

Split Bills


Discounts Happy Hour

Setting up and implementing discounts for customers is effortless with the system. It allows staff discounts, manual discounts, and automates happy hour discounts.

Happy Hour


Automatic Surcharges

With the system, it’s possible to establish automatic surcharges in the POS to account for credit card transaction fees or higher labor costs on public holidays.

Holiday Surcharge - Happy Hour


Eftpos Integrations

The system automatically transfers payments to EFTPOS terminals, enabling customers to make payments quickly. This minimizes errors and streamlines the payment process.

EFTPOS Integration


ZERO Cost Eftpos

The EFTPOS integration includes zero-cost EFTPOS and automatic surcharging for card transactions.

ZERO Cost EFTPOS Integration


Customer Details

Incorporate and store customer details in the POS system, which is ideal for takeaway phone orders, leading to a faster ordering process and automated discounts. With the data saved, customers can quickly place their regular orders.

Customer Detail


Customer Loyalty

With the system, it’s possible to view customer activity and spending, which enables rewarding the best customers by creating discount groups and loyalty points. Users can also export customer data to improve marketing efforts.

VIP Groups



Make the most of your time and enhance customer service efficiency by utilizing the Tables & Floor Plan feature to seamlessly manage your reservations.



Gift Cards & Vouchers

Effortlessly generate gift vouchers as payment, and offer the option to sell gift cards at your venue. The POS system stores gift voucher details and allows for partial payment redemption if needed.

Create Vouchers


Cover Number or Name

The system permits staff to take order items directly to an individual in a group, enhancing the fine dining customer experience. Orders can be presented to a specific person in the group for exceptional service.

Seat Number or Name


Manage Delivery

To oversee orders and deliveries, update the order status to reflect their progress. Modify the dispatch status to indicate whether the order is in the Order, Ready, or Complete phase.



Debtor Accounts

Establish accounts for debtors to store sales payments for customers who will pay at a future date. Monitor various transactions, such as management accounts, and room service billing.

Debtor payment


Upsell Offers & Customer Display

Encourage both staff and customers to enhance their purchases by suggesting additional items, as it is a simple way to boost sales revenue and leverage your menu offerings.

Upsell Cross Sell


Printing and operations for a POS software.


Print Orders Across Printers

The items ordered by the customer can be conveniently separated and the corresponding order dockets can be sent directly to either a specific printer or multiple printers. For instance, coffee orders can be sent to the coffee maker, cocktail orders to the bar, pizza orders to the pizza kitchen, and main course orders to the main kitchen.

Order Print on Multiple Printers


Kitchen Order Display (KOD)

Eliminate the use of paper by switching to kitchen touch screens. The Kitchen Order Display (KOD) software replaces the conventional “docket rail and printer” system with digital dockets. Equipped with useful features like a delay buzzer, item count, and bump out option, this is an excellent paperless alternative.

KOD Integration


Multiple Courses

The system allows for ordering multiple courses, including entrees, mains, desserts, and any other unlimited courses. Users can easily call courses away and enhance the sequence of service management.

Entree- Mains - Desserts 


Custom Docket & Receipts

You can opt to display or eliminate information on your dockets and receipts. Additionally, you have the flexibility to personalize them by incorporating your preferred vocabulary, logos, contact information, font sizes, and color schemes.

Customer Number - Order Docket - Receipt - Paid EFTPOS


Printer Notifiers

With the feature to enable items to be displayed on extra dockets for the same customer order, it is no longer necessary to print all the items of an order on every docket. This allows other areas of the venue to have a comprehensive overview of the entire customer order.

Order Printer - Docket Printer - Coffee Printer


Button Images & Colors

Menu buttons can be enhanced with images or colors to facilitate easier identification of products for staff.

Button Colors


Price Computing Scale

Patent to integrate Weighing scales for retail pos systems. Both software and supplied scales are licensed by National Measurement Institute (NMI S766). Featured price computing calculation on screen. Mean, now you can messure “$10 worth peanuts”.

Weighing Scale Integration Weighing Scale Integration[/caption]


Management and permissions for POS software.


Remote Access

Access your personal computer from anywhere and at any time using remote desktop applications such as TeamViewer or AnyDesk. These applications enable you to share files between your remote connection and computer, and also facilitate remote support services. Please note that a stable internet connection is required to use these applications.



Accounting Integration

We have integrated with top accounting partners to seamlessly connect your POS data with their accounting systems, eliminating the need for manual data entry of your daily transactions. This integration streamlines the accounting process and helps to reduce the risk of errors, saving time and resources for your business.



Product Options & Combos

Simplify the selection process for items with multiple options by automating product choices. This feature is especially useful for customizable products like pizza, ensuring that the chef receives all necessary instructions to prepare your order, such as how to cook the steak or prepare the eggs. Say goodbye to forgetting any important details!

Combo Products


Debtor Accounts

Utilizing a debtor account can be a helpful tool for sales management, as it enables you to store sales transactions for customers who have been extended a limited credit line to be paid at a later date. Additionally, payments can be stored on a debtor account when taking a deposit or pre-payment. This feature can provide greater flexibility and convenience for both customers and sellers.



Staff Permission & Access

Ensure the security of your system access by implementing staff permissions and security measures that allow different levels of access to sensitive information. By assigning roles such as Administrators, Managers, and Employees, you can control who has access to vulnerable information and protect your system from unauthorized access.

User Permission


Staff Clock in / Clock Out

The user login system allows staff members to easily clock in and out, and the data collected can be utilized to generate reports that are useful not only for payroll processing but also for employee discipline.

Clock in Clock out


Inventory and stock management for POS software.


Inventory Manager Handheld

Mobile Inventory Manager App helps retail pos systems inventory management on the go an easy task. Update product names, buying and selling prices, inventory adjustment can now be done on the mobile scanner. 

Inventory Manager


Cost of Good Sold

Our software provides the ability to assign a cost for each product, which can be used to determine the cost of goods sold (COGS) and overall profitability. This straightforward feature allows for basic tracking of product costs without the need for a more detailed accounting system.

Buy Price - Profitability


Stock Management & Stocktake

Easily manage your stock levels and track stock movement using our system, which allows you to report breakages and losses while also adding inventory using either a handheld device or the stock movement page. This feature provides greater convenience and accuracy in inventory management, enabling you to monitor stock levels and make necessary adjustments quickly and efficiently.

Stock Movement


Product Triggers & Reordering

Our system includes a comprehensive feature that triggers stock movement for certain products based on the sales quantity of other products. This ensures accurate inventory management, allowing you to keep track of available stock levels, from the number of steaks available for the day to the amount of retail packages in stock. Additionally, our system provides messaging for minimum order quantity, further enhancing the efficiency of your inventory management process.

Trigger Products and moq


Reporting and analytics for POS software.


Close Cash Reconciliation

To reconcile the till at the end of the day, it is essential to compare and balance the total amount in each cash drawer with the total takings recorded in the POS system. This is a standard procedure that ensures accuracy in accounting for all transactions.

Close Cash


Email Close Cash

Automate the process of emailing end-of-day close cash reports without a software or service subscription fee.

Email Close Cash



Our analytics page provides owners and administrators with a comprehensive view of important business metrics, including comparative sales and profitability data from the previous period, surcharges, deleted items, and other key values. In addition, this page includes easy-to-understand graphs, making it simple to visualize and interpret the data. With this feature, you can gain valuable insights into your business’s performance and make informed decisions that drive growth and profitability.



Sales Reports

Our sales reporting feature offers comprehensive coverage of all aspects of your sales data. This includes reports on products, categories, users, agents, commissions, deleted items, and hourly sales logs. With this feature, you can gain valuable insights into your business’s sales performance and identify opportunities for growth and improvement. Whether you need to track individual product sales or analyze your entire sales operation, our sales reporting feature has got you covered.

Sales Reports


Stock Reports

Our stock reporting feature provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of your inventory data. With this feature, you can generate reports on your inventory list, product labels, shelf labels, and markdown labels all in one software module. This enables you to easily manage your stock and ensure accurate inventory tracking. Whether you need to generate labels for individual products or track your entire inventory operation, our stock reporting feature has got you covered.Stock Reports


Staff Reports

Our staff reports provide a record of clock-in and clock-out times for each employee during a payroll period. This feature not only helps with payroll time sheets, but also encourages employees to maintain on-time attendance. With this feature, you can easily track staff hours, identify any attendance issues, and ensure accurate payroll processing.

Staff Reports


Cloud Reports

MiDASHBOARD offers cloud reporting for MiPOS Systems, allowing you to check on your venue’s sales and performance from anywhere in the world. With this feature, you no longer need to spend hours reconciling data in front of a computer. Instead, you can use a tablet or phone on the go to monitor sales, activities, and targets. This enables you to stay on top of your business’s performance in real-time and make informed decisions that drive growth and success.


Learning Center

Get the latest version of the POS Software user manual. Our manual is frequently updated to reflect new features and improvements. Our in-house development team works tirelessly to ensure our software is top-notch and we offer prompt support for any issues that may arise.


Download Manual

Please contact MiPOS Systems customer support for assistance.

MIPOS Software - Easy to Use - Reliable - Simple Interface

Get your hands on a copy of our POS Software user manual. This manual is regularly updated to reflect the latest changes and features in the software. Keeping up with software development is a time-consuming process that requires hours of development, updates, and modifications to meet the evolving demands and requirements of the industry. Download the manual now to stay informed and make the most out of our POS system.

MiPOS Software Manual V3.9