Budget POS System – Low Cost POS System – Simple POS System

Are you after a Budget POS System that does not have many bells and whistles? MiPOS Budget POS System is designed based on a windows Tablet, suits many Retail and Hospitality business and cost usually under $1,500.

If all you are looking for is placing your order, print your order, issue customer a receipt and then do your day end process at the time of close of business with a bit of reporting to help you manage your business, this is the right POS system for you.

Tablet POS System DMEO

iPAD MiPOS Terminal Coming Soon

Call MiPOS on 0390052010 for pricing options and special offers.

No more hand written dockets. All printed out nicely through multiple kitchen docket printers and the kitchen will never read your order wrong ever!

A Budget POS System is packaged with the following:

1. 10 inch Touch Screen windows TABLET
2. Cash Drawer with x2 Keys
3. 80mm Thermal Printer for Receipts
5. POS Software, Installation, Menu setup, Staff Training
7. Warranty and After Sale Service

If you are looking for more features, please checkout Cafe POS system with advanced features including setup.

Our POS Systems also come with the POS Software menu setup, Delivery within Melbourne, Installation Training of you and your staff.

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