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Learning Centre – Training Videos

MiPOS Learning Centre collects MiPOS training videos, handy tips, quick guides, suggestions and best practices on how to use MiPOS Software training efficiently and how to make your business run smoothly.

MiPOS always provide one on one MiPOS Software Training. But when you need that extra reminder on a specific point, these Audio Visual training videos on Learning Centre is the best place to come back, understand things without taking too much of time.

Learning Centre – Training Videos

Add a new User/Operator

MiPOS software is reconfigured with x4 levels of users. Admin, Manager, Employee and Guest. You have the option to create more personalized password protected user logins.
This Guide will create a User on MiPOS Software where the user have the option to create a password to login/out and clockin/out.

System Backup Process

MiPOS System will remind you every 30days (by default) to get a Database backup. It is important that you store this backup on to an external USB storage (USB storage drive), 16GB USB stick is sufficient for this task.
If you see any Error message POPUP during the backup process, it’s important to contact us and resolve the issue.

Creating a Category

Category is where you place groups of products in Sale Screen. If can be a parent category or a sub category. You will need to create if it’s a new category prior adding the product into the system.
Similarly you can update category names, location and other information by selecting the category, update the details and save.

Creating a Product

The system will copy over the common settings from the previous product such as Category, Printer and Bump Screen Settings. You may change these setting according to the product requirement.
A product may sit on Multiple Categories and a product can have upto 5 common barcodes. Lookout for Trigger Products, Product Options, Scale Setting etc.

Receipt Printing Options

With Receipt Printing and Reprinting Option, MiPOS allows you to take control of paper wastage and adopt best practices for your printing processs.

Sales Discounts

Use Sales Discount to promote your business and attract repeat businesses. Receipt the display all available discounts on the purchase for Customer Satisfaction.

Creating a Product with Options

MiPOS has the mechanism to POPUP options and Choices, Auto add products to make Deals and Change Prices of Optional Products from one deal to another. All by using a Selection of Buttons.
This is a handy option to taking Coffee orders and Pizza Orders. The feature is used by many different types of business as it can be altered suite a unique service requirement.

Close Cash – End of Day Process

End of Day Process closes all the days transaction, giving an option to reconcile tills, emails Cash Flow and Sales Report to Accountants and Business Owners and get the System a fresh start for the next shift.
It is a recommend practice/process to carry on every end of shift or day-end to monitor irregularities and collection reconciliations.

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