Cafe POS System – Cafe POS Software – Coffee Shop POS

Cafe POS System - Cafe POS Software - Coffee Shop POS - POS Systems for Coffee Shops

Cafe POS System – Cafe POS Software – Coffee Shop POS – POS System for Coffee Shops

MiPOS Cafe POS System is suitable for busy cafes and takeaways for faster service and order taking.

You get quick service, quickly select the choice of takeaway or have it here, coffee types, milk type, flavors, choices, etc. The sales process is so fast, you can complete an average sale in 20 seconds, including taking the payment.

We can provide Wifi Tablets for better customer experience and floor service. Our Bump Screen make the cafe area paperless and all orders going into a touch screen. Also if you are looking for promotions, we can provide a good VIP Loyalty Card System that can run VIP points or VIP discounts promotions. Also giving you a flexibility to run your Email and SMS to your customers with our Marketing Module. With all these features, Cafe POS Systems and Cafe POS System for Takeaways is the right choice.

MiPOS Cafe POS System is a complete Hospitality POS System designed for Cafes and Quick Takeaway Business. Your Cafe POS Software can be configured with a Table Layout or Quick Sale option.

Our Best Cafe POS Package includes POS Hardware and Cafe POS Software.

1. 15″ Touchscreen All-in-one POS Terminal
2. Cash Drawer with x2 Keys
3. 80mm Thermal Printer for Receipts
4. 80mm Thermal Printer for Kitchen Dockets (Optional)
5. Option for Multiple Terminals, Printers and Mobile Tablets
6. POS Software, Installation, Menu setup, Staff Training
7. Warranty and Aftersale Service

Our POS Systems also come with the POS Software menu setup, Delivery within Melbourne, Installation Training of you and your staff.

Call MiPOS on 0390052010 for pricing options and special offers.

Important questions when choosing Cafe POS System – Cafe POS Software

Question 1. Does the Cafe POS System have quick sale options, multiple choice options and dine-in/takeaways menus?

Question 2. This is a common question. Is the hardware reliable, brand new and with warranty? Or second hand which you should avoid.

Question 3. Most importantly, is there a comprehensive support for the System, Day and Night?

Question 4. How much a Cafe POS System cost? “It depends with what you want to start with. We don’t sell refurbish used equipment. Our software does not have ongoing payments.”

Go to FAQ for more POS price and cost details

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“CAFE POS Systems” is a complete POS System for your Cafe and Takeaway Business. Our Best POS Package includes a 15″ Touch Screen all-in-one POS Terminal with POS Software already installed, 8 Coins & 5 Notes Cash Drawer, 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer, Optional 80mm Thermal Coffee Printer, Optional Mobile POS Tablet, Optional Bump Screen. It Also comes with the Software menu setup, Delivery within Melbourne, Installation Training for you and your staff.

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