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Retail POS Systems

Our retail POS system is designed to streamline and improve business operations, with features such as inventory management, sales tracking, and customer management. It also includes promotions, vouchers, discounts and surcharges, making it highly customizable to meet the unique needs of your retail business.

Cafe POS System

Our cafe POS system is designed to meet the needs of cafe and restaurant businesses. It includes features such as table management, menu management, and order tracking. Additionally, it offers tools for discounts, surcharges, and customer loyalty programs to improve the overall customer experience and drive sales.

Restaurant POS System

Our restaurant POS system is designed to streamline and improve business operations, with features such as table management, menu management, order tracking, and inventory management. It also includes tools for discounts, surcharges, and customer loyalty programs to drive sales.

POS Software

Our POS software is designed to streamline and improve business operations for retail and hospitality businesses. It includes features such as inventory management, sales tracking, customer management, promotions, vouchers, discounts and surcharges. It is highly customizable to meet the unique needs of your business.


Maximize Retail & Hospitality efficiency using POS Systems

POS System, POS Hardware, Point of Sale Solution

A POS system is a must-have technology for any retail and hospitality business. MiPOS Systems offers an integrated POS system that streamlines operations and improves efficiency for your business. Our system features inventory management, order processing, and payment processing.

A Complete POS System

What is a POS system?

A complete POS System suitable for retail and hospitality business

A POS (Point of Sale) system automates business transactions, inventory management and customer tracking. It typically includes a combination of software and hardware such as a terminal, barcode scanner, cash drawer and receipt printer. POS systems provide real-time data and analytics to support business decision making.


Touch Screen POS Terminal


8 Coin 5 Notes Cash Drawer


80mm Thermal Receipt Printer


MiPOS Software


Warranty and Support

From $2500+GST one-time payment. No Subscription.

Talk to us about pay to own 12 months repayment option. Subject for approval. Terms and conditions apply.

Upgrade existing POS Systems

Is your POS System outdated, obsolete, or too expensive to maintain? Or do you hate paying subscriptions? We can upgrade or repair your existing POS hardware, provided the process is economically viable.

Do you own POS Hardware that needs an upgrade? You do not like the current pos software and looking for a better option? Do you want to get rid of a subscription based software? Talk to us to check your POS hardware compatibility.

Upgrade anything from our POS Hardware Collection

MIPOS Systems - POS Hardware Collection

We hate to see a good POS system going to waste. But being economically not viable on parts and time, most defective POS systems has not much value. We do provide POS hardware and accessories. There are great upgrade options for existing MiPOS systems with discounts and buy back old hardware supplied by MiPOS.

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POS Software Only Installation on BYO POS

MIPOS Software - Easy to Use - Reliable - Simple Interface

Buying a business with a MiPOS System?
Hate paying subscription payments?
Not happy with the current POS software?
Not getting support from POS provider?
POS does not have the required functions?
Have grown out of the current POS system?

It's time for a change. Contact us when you are ready as we have a few questions to ask related to your current system configuration. MiPOS software is compatible with touchscreen POS terminals with Windows 7 or higher operating system, a minimum 4GB of Ram.

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Upgrade your POS Terminal with POS Software

MiPOS - POS Terminal and Software Upgrade

Brand new touch screen i5 POS terminal with POS Software, Starting from $1990

Introducing our brand new POS Terminal with POS Software, starting at just $1990. Contact us for more information. With MiPOS Systems, you can improve efficiency and streamline operations for your business.

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About our Touch screen POS Terminal

Introducing our Touch screen POS terminal, featuring a capacitive touchscreen and powerful i5 Processor, solid state drive, and 4gb of RAM. The metal design is durable, long lasting, heat resistant and water resistant, and there are no moving parts. This terminal is perfect for POS system designs and provides a complete system or upgrade options. This terminal is perfect for businesses that want to improve efficiency and accuracy in their operations.

Capacitive Touch Screen

A capacitive touch screen uses electrical properties of human body to detect touch and registers touch events by detecting changes in electrical field on the screen surface.

i5 CPU, 4GB Ram, SDD

i5 processor is a powerful and energy efficient CPU, 4GB RAM ensures smooth multitasking and solid state drive provides faster data access and storage. Together, they provide a high-performance computing experience.

Tough Metal Deign

Our POS terminal features a durable metal design, ensuring it is long-lasting, heat resistant, water resistant and has no moving parts for minimal maintenance. It's perfect for businesses that require a reliable and robust POS terminal.

Dual Screen POS

Our POS Terminal features a dual screen, one for the cashier and one for the customer, allowing for easy communication and displaying of promotions. The customer display makes it easy for customer to understand their orders and make informed decisions.

Single screen - Dual screen POS Terminal

POS Hardware

MiPOS Systems offers a collection of POS hardware that is designed to work seamlessly with our POS software. Our hardware collection includes a range of devices such as …

Touch Screen POS Terminal

POS Terminal is equipped with a i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and a solid state drive for fast and efficient performance. Speedy procesor, 4GB of RAM ensures smooth multitasking, and the solid-state drive provides faster data access.

8 Coins 5 Notes Cash drawer

Our 8 Coins 5 Notes cash drawer is designed to store cash transactions with compartments for 8 coin denominations and 5 note denominations. It is built with a metal design to ensure durability and long-lasting performance. 

80mm Thermal Receipt Printer

These are used to securely store cash transactions and can be connected to the POS terminal. 24v solenoid for auto opening. Metal design. They do come with a slim design for tight space and under the bench mount option.

USB Wireless Barcode Scanner

Our USB wireless single line, multi-line barcode scanner is a efficient tool for scanning barcodes, can connect to your POS terminal using a USB cable or wirelessly, making it a perfect solution for retail and hospitality businesses.

Customer Display LCD Addon

POS Terminal customer display screen addon, is a feature that allows the customer to see the items and total cost of their purchase in real-time, and display any promotions or discounts that may apply to the purchase.

iPad Integration

iPad integration feature allows you to take orders and process transactions on the go, it’s a great solution for businesses with mobile ordering needs, such as food trucks or outdoor seating areas. 

EFTPOS Integration

EFTPOS integration, allowing for secure processing of electronic payments. It enables businesses to accept various types of payments, credit and debit cards, without manual input and streamlines the checkout process for customers.

Weigning Scale Integration

Integration with weighing scales, enabling businesses to accurately weigh and price products, such as produce or deli items, during the checkout process, This feature helps in reducing errors and improving efficiency.

Stock Manager App

Stock Manager App is a mobile device designed around iPhone, which allows businesses to manage inventory, track stock levels, set reorder points and generate reports on stock movements, and print shelf labels on the go. 

Kitchen Order Display (KOD)

Our POS system includes Kitchen Order Display (KOD) feature, it displays orders on a monitor in the kitchen, it helps kitchen staff to see the orders quickly and accurately, reducing errors and improving efficiency. 

POS Software Only Installation

Our POS System offers software-only installation for those who already have their own hardware, it enables businesses to use their existing hardware and integrate it with our POS software, to streamline and improve their operations. This feature is ideal for businesses that are looking to upgrade their current system, but still want to use their existing hardware.

80x80 Thermal Paper Rolls

Our POS System is compatible with standard 80x80mm thermal paper rolls, it makes it easy to purchase and replace the paper rolls, it’s a cost-effective and efficient way to print receipts without maintenance on the printer.

MiPOS Systems provides specialized POS solutions for cafes, restaurants, and retail businesses. Our Cafe POS System allows for efficient management of menu items, table reservations, and kitchen orders. Our Restaurant POS System includes advanced features like inventory management, customer management, and table management. Our Retail POS System offers inventory tracking, barcode scanning, and support for multiple payment methods. With a user-friendly interface and real-time reporting, our systems help improve efficiency, accuracy, and customer service.

MIPOS Systems - POS Hardware Collection
MIPOS Systems - POS Hardware Dvice Collection

Why choose MiPOS systems?

Why Choose MiPOS Systems?

There are several reasons why you should choose MiPOS Systems for your POS system needs:


Tailored solutions

We offer POS solutions tailored to the specific needs of cafes, restaurants, and retail businesses, with features such as inventory management, customer management, and online ordering.


Advanced Technology - Durable POS hardware

Our POS systems are designed with advanced technology to improve efficiency, accuracy, durable and easy to use, with features such as capacitive touchscreen, powerful processors, and solid-state drives.


Professional local warranty and support

We provide professional, local warranty and support, with One-on-One interaction with MiPOS Support Staff and Software Developers to customize the POS system to build a great POS customized for your business.


Affordable - Simple POS interface

We have a range of budget-friendly options for small businesses and startups. All our systems have user-friendly interfaces and real-time reporting to help you make informed decisions about your business.

Learning Center

Get the latest version of the POS Software user manual. Our manual is frequently updated to reflect new features and improvements. Our in-house development team works tirelessly to ensure our software is top-notch and we offer prompt support for any issues that may arise.


Download Manual

Please contact MiPOS Systems customer support for assistance.

MIPOS Software - Easy to Use - Reliable - Simple Interface

Get your hands on a copy of our POS Software user manual. This manual is regularly updated to reflect the latest changes and features in the software. Keeping up with software development is a time-consuming process that requires hours of development, updates, and modifications to meet the evolving demands and requirements of the industry. Download the manual now to stay informed and make the most out of our POS system.

MiPOS Software Manual V3.9