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Buying a Business with Existing MiPOS?
Not happy with the current POS software?
Not getting Support from Current POS Provider?
Current POS System it too Old?
POS System does not have required functions?
Have grown out of the Current POS system?

No.1 Reliable POS System Supplier

No.1 Reliable POS System Supplier

MiPOS is here to help you find a better POS System, Software, Service and Support.

Switch to MiPOS in easy few steps.

Contact us when you are ready as we have few questions to ask related to your current situation.

We will do the heavy lifting for you with minimum disruption to your service for a smooth transition.

Our support team will setup the menu for you and provide the required training. Training will be either at your venue, at our showroom or online via Teamviewer.

Supply the menu list in electronic format either PDF, Word or Excel.

MiPOS is compatible with POS Terminals Windows 7 or higher, iPads / tablets and most existing POS hardware

MiDASHBOARD provides web-based, real-time reporting to have a better transparency of your business, while you are away.

Buying a Business with Existing MiPOS?

You are buying a Retail Shops, Cafe or a Restaurant and the business comes with a MiPOS (Or formally called EzyPOS) System?

Well, you are new the System. Highly likely the system is out of Warranty. You need to reset the system and add your new menu. MiPOS does not have a license fees to operate. You many continue to use the system without any ongoing payments.

But in the event of you need Technical Support from MiPOS, you may have to contact us for your options to continue with Paid ongoing Support.

Your entitlements as a new Owner

Contact MiPOS for more information on your entitlements as a new owner of a MiPOS System





Standard Support
Support within 1 year of purchase
Support Plan for POS System with 12 months Warranty.
Mon to Fri - 9am to 7pm
Phone Support
Remote desktop support
Web reports
Backup every 30 days
PAYG Support
Pay as you go extended support
Tech Support to resolve POS issues, training and account transfers.
Mon to Fri - 9am to 7pm
Phone Support
Remote desktop support
Support for other systems

Using an existing MiPOS System?

Following some information for you as a new business owner using an existing MiPOS System.



MiPOS Software has no ongoing License Fees

“No License Fees” – Means that you don’t have to pay a recurring fee to continue to operate MiPOS Software.

MiPOS provide a onetime FREE setup and training to the owners at the time of purchase of the POS System and continue to support supplied product as per our Warranty Terms and Conditions. Resetting, Restoring, software upgrades, menu setup and training afterwords for existing customers as well as new owners are paid support.

Our Support

We do our remote support via “Teamviewer” Software.

Teamviewer software is already installed on the POS system. You need to connect the POS to internet via Wifi or Ethernet before open this application. This application displays “Your ID” (9 digit number and a password) which we need over the phone at the time of establishing a Remote Access.

Resetting the system

Resetting the system – Means deleting your transaction history and other sales related information, under the same business name.

Go to Configuration > Backup and Reset
We can at no cost or You may do it by your self at your own risk.

Restoring the system

Restoring the system – Means removing all business and menu information to transfer the ownership of your business to a new business.

We require your LOGO (if you have one), Business Name, Address, ABN, Phone Number to setup the receipt.

Please contact us to find the cost of Restoring your POS System*

*Software version remains the same and does not cover menu setup or software training.

New Business Owner

New Business Owner – Means we will provide you a software training, menu setup, receipt setup and continue to support 30days free of charge for you to get familiar with system.

Please contact us to find the cost of this extended service.^

^Software version remains the same. Visiting us with your POS Hardware for training is the preferred option. You may choose an onsite training, Subject to travelling costs and staff availability.

New Business Owner with Software Upgrade

At this point we recognize you as a new customer and take you through a new POS Software Installation process.

MiPOS Software Only Setup

Any questions, please let us know.


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