Integrated Paging System for MiPOS Systems

Paging System

Some Cafe and Restaurants operates on a basis of Collecting the meal from the Counter. Customer Pays for the Order at the time of Placing the Order and has to wait until the food in being prepared.

Integrated Paging System - MiPOS System

Integrated Paging System – MiPOS System

Integrated Paging System

Simplest solution is to enable the Customer Docket Number available in MiPOS Software to call the Order Number. But in the event of Customer moves around can not be heard, you need a Integrated Paging System for POS System to notify the customer that the Order is Ready to Collect.

MiPOS Software has a Paging System Integrated. The Pager number is entered at time of taking the order. This Pager number is clearly printed on Order Dockets and Receipt. This application is the best method for Takeaway outlets in Shopping Centers to manage fast moving Orders in a short period of time.