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Retail POS System - Retail POS Software - Grocery POS - Specialized Retail POS

Retail POS System – Grocery POS – Supermarket POS

Capable of handling 1000’s of inventory – sock with Barcode feature, Retail POS System is the perfect solution to take back control of your Grocery POS.

We are ready supplied and installed your Retail POS System. Our Retail POS Software is easy to use, staff friendly and had loads of features you need on your day to day retail business. Our Retail POS Software does not have any ongoing payments. So, you pay once for the Retail POS Hardware and Software Solution and the System is yours.

Faster checkout and taking control of your Inventory is the highest priority when you the Retail Industry. Retail POS system covers most of the retail industry requirements. If we don’t have it, we will custom develop it.

Call MiPOS on 0390052010 for more details about our Retail POS System.

If you are looking for VIP Points, Loyalty Cards, Email and SMS Marketing, they are all integrated into our Restaurant POS System free of charge. We also have a Bump Screen solution, a touch screen system that remove the paper system and get your orders displays in the kitchen to increase efficiency.

Popular Retail POS Systems includes the following hardware.

1. 15″ Touchscreen All-in-one POS Terminal
2. Cash Drawer with x2 Keys
3. 80mm Thermal Printer for Receipts
4. 80mm Thermal Printer for Kitchen Dockets (Optional)
5. Option for Multiple Terminals, Printers and Mobile Tablets
6. POS Software, Installation, Menu setup, Staff Training
7. Warranty and After Sale Service

Multi-line USB Barcode Scanner

Multi-line USB Barcode Scanner

Our POS Systems also come with the POS Software menu setup, Delivery within Melbourne, Installation Training of you and your staff.

Important questions when choosing a Retail POS System.

Question 1. Does the Retail POS Systems have quick sale options, multiple choice options and orders on hold?

Question 2. Can it do live Stock Take? Can it print Shelf Labels? Can it do Mark-Downs? Can it do back office order processing?

Question 3. This is a common question. Is the hardware reliable, brand new and with warranty? Or second hand which you should avoid.

Question 4. Most importantly, is there a comprehensive support for the System, Day and Night?

Question 5. How much Retail POS System cost? “It depends with what you want to start with. We don’t sell refurbish used equipment. Our retail POS software does not have ongoing payments.”

Call MiPOS on 0390052010 for more details about our POS Systems.

Go to FAQ for more POS price and cost details.

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