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Retail POS Systems

Our retail POS system is designed to streamline and improve business operations, with features such as inventory management, sales tracking, and customer management. It also includes promotions, vouchers, discounts and surcharges, making it highly customizable to meet the unique needs of your retail business.

Cafe POS System

Our cafe POS system is designed to meet the needs of cafe and restaurant businesses. It includes features such as table management, menu management, and order tracking. Additionally, it offers tools for discounts, surcharges, and customer loyalty programs to improve the overall customer experience and drive sales.

Restaurant POS System

Our restaurant POS system is designed to streamline and improve business operations, with features such as table management, menu management, order tracking, and inventory management. It also includes tools for discounts, surcharges, and customer loyalty programs to drive sales.

POS Software

Our POS software is designed to streamline and improve business operations for retail and hospitality businesses. It includes features such as inventory management, sales tracking, customer management, promotions, vouchers, discounts and surcharges. It is highly customizable to meet the unique needs of your business.


Efficiently handle tables, orders, and kitchen operations

Discover the capabilities of a Restaurant POS System

Efficiently manage tables, orders, kitchen, and staff with our Restaurant Point of Sales system. Ideal for dine-in, takeaway, and delivery orders, it streamlines operations and makes management easy. Explore the features of our POS system for restaurant to understand its capabilities.

MIPOS Systems - Cafe POS Systems

Why Choose MiPOS Restaurant POS System?

Our POS system for restaurant is the perfect solution for managing table orders, kitchen operations, and staff. It allows you to easily take dine-in, takeaway, and delivery orders and supports multiple kitchen order printers and kitchen order displays. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to manage your tables and staff. With a variety of features designed to streamline restaurant management, our POS system is an ideal choice for your business.


Perfect POS for a Cafe Business

Restaurant POS System with no ongoing Software Subscriptions!

Get a complete Restaurant POS System without any recurring fees. Take orders fast and accurately. No mistakes. No misuse. No subscriptions!


Touch Screen POS Terminal


8 Coin 5 Notes Cash Drawer


80mm Thermal Receipt Printer


MiPOS Restaurant POS Software


Optional order printers and iPad Integration


Warranty and Support

From $2500+GST one-time payment. No Subscription.

There are many upgrades available. Talk to us about pay to own 12 months repayment option. Subject for approval. Terms and conditions apply.

Add some excitement to a POS System

Enhance your cafe POS systems with these exciting add-ons to simplify your operations and improve the customer experience.


Go wireless with iPad Integration

Integrating MiPOS with an iPad POS system is an efficient way to handle table orders. Orders are sent directly to the kitchen, saving time and reducing paper waste. This improves accuracy and increases productivity, as servers don’t need to leave the table to enter orders. Additionally, there are no ongoing subscription fees associated with this integration.

Go paperless with (KOD) Kitchen Order Display

Using Bump Screen or KOD technology to replace paper order dockets in coffee shops and cafes can improve efficiency, save time and money. This approach is a common way to streamline coffee ordering and eliminates the potential for lost or misused dockets, reducing wait times for customers. Additionally, going paperless with Bump Screens also helps to save money on ongoing paper consumption.

Make no Mistakesno Misuse

Our POS system’s Order Docket and Receipt feature improves efficiency by allowing you to capture customer’s name or assign order number, and reserve tables. The Order Docket provides detailed information about the ordered items, options, and payment status. The receipt linked to the Order Docket can be customized to suit your needs, making it nearly impossible for orders to be mishandled.

Love to see you for a Demo

Let's meet for a POS Demo

Excited to show you our POS systems in action! Let us know your specific needs and we'll schedule a demo visit that works for you. During the demo, you'll get to see all the features and options and ask any questions you have. Let's book a time now and see how our systems can take your business to the next level!


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What are zero cost EFTPOS terminals? We have come up with optional integration to on-charge the customer any bank fees as a choice of an offset.

Zero Cost EFTPOS

Upgrade Your Card Payment Options with ZERO Cost EFTPOS

Are you tired of high fees eating into your business's profits? With MiPOS Systems, you can now offer zero-cost EFTPOS to your customers, allowing them to pay with their debit or credit cards while keeping your fees low. Unlike other providers, we don't add hidden fees or charge you a higher rate, so you can keep more of your hard-earned money. Upgrade your payment options today and see the difference for yourself with MiPOS Systems. Click here for more details and to learn how it works.

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MIPOS Systems - POS Hardware Collection
MIPOS Systems - POS Hardware Dvice Collection

Why choose MiPOS systems?

Why Choose MiPOS Systems?

There are several reasons why you should choose MiPOS Systems for your POS system needs:


Tailored solutions

We offer POS solutions tailored to the specific needs of cafes, restaurants, and retail businesses, with features such as inventory management, customer management, and online ordering.


Advanced Technology - Durable POS hardware

Our POS systems are designed with advanced technology to improve efficiency, accuracy, durable and easy to use, with features such as capacitive touchscreen, powerful processors, and solid-state drives.


Professional local warranty and support

We provide professional, local warranty and support, with One-on-One interaction with MiPOS Support Staff and Software Developers to customize the POS system to build a great POS customized for your business.


Affordable - Simple POS interface

We have a range of budget-friendly options for small businesses and startups. All our systems have user-friendly interfaces and real-time reporting to help you make informed decisions about your business.

Check out some Video Demos

Explore some Cafe POS Terminals, Printers, and iPad demonstrations on video.

Learning Center

Get the latest version of the POS Software user manual. Our manual is frequently updated to reflect new features and improvements. Our in-house development team works tirelessly to ensure our software is top-notch and we offer prompt support for any issues that may arise.


Download Manual

Please contact MiPOS Systems customer support for assistance.

MIPOS Software - Easy to Use - Reliable - Simple Interface

Get your hands on a copy of our POS Software user manual. This manual is regularly updated to reflect the latest changes and features in the software. Keeping up with software development is a time-consuming process that requires hours of development, updates, and modifications to meet the evolving demands and requirements of the industry. Download the manual now to stay informed and make the most out of our POS system.

MiPOS Software Manual V3.9