iPad POS System - No monthly Subscriptions - Works without Internet

iPad POS System

Using an iPad POS System is the latest trend in Retail and Hospitality Point of Sale Solutions.

iPad POS System

iPad POS System

Almost all iPad POS Systems out there is designed to work light weight, relying on internet and with a monthly subscription. Although Cloud Systems seems to be futuristic solution, we find many customers get in to trouble when there are having issues with delays, lagging and calling for help during a busy period.

Following video demonstrates how iPad Terminal interacts with POS Terminals, Printers and Bump Screen.

With MiPOS iPad Solution, it’s little different. MiPOS main system will run on a powerful POS Terminal and iPad operates as client Terminals. This give you the ability to be independent of Internet, work on a powerful platform to operate on complex menus, faster checkout and have local support from your preferred POS System provider, MiPOS.

We are a local business and we value your business uptime.

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MiPOS iPad POS System is a little different. We do not charge a monthly premium nor the iPad POS depends on Internet to operate. It works side by side with the POS Terminals and gives you the luxury of having an additional order taking tablet. Now you can walk and talk with the customer while taking orders, running an efficient cafe or a restaurant.

iPad POS in action at a busy Restaurant

Standalone Operation of iPad POS DEMO

iPad POS System - Login Screen

iPad POS – Login Screen

iPad POS System - Receipts and Dockets

iPad POS – Receipts and Dockets

iPad POS System - Sales Screen

iPad POS – Sales Screen

Food Order Dockets

Food Order Dockets

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