ZERO Cost EFTPOS Integration

EFTPOS Integration

EFTPOS Terminal is a payment gateway that enables a business to take customer payments with Bank Cards and Credit Card. When a business operates with a POS System, an EFTPOS Terminal can be operated as a standalone terminal or an integrated terminal.

Zero Cost EFTPOS Integration with MiPOS

Zero Cost EFTPOS Integration with MiPOS

What is an EFTPOS Integration?

EFTPOS Integration allows a POS System to automatically send the payment or refund amount to EFTPOS Terminal. This Integration eliminates the human error key in the Dollar value on the EFTPOS Terminal manually. EFTPOS Integration also saves a lot of time for a business with a fast-moving checkout.

What is ZERO Cost EFTPOS?

ZERO Cost EFTPOS is a feature that can be enabled in MiPOS Systems to on-charge customers the bank’s EFTPOS Transaction fees. There are many nonbank EFTPOS Terminal providers in the market with the term “ZERO Cost EFTPOS”, but they always charge the EFTPOS Transaction fees to customers at a higher rate, with no control of the on-charge rate.

MiPOS ZERO Cost EFTPOS enables you to take control of these rates, to be fair and accurate. MiPOS ZERO Cost EFTPOS also enables you to take with your current bank and access your funds every day.


EFTPOS Integration DEMO

How much does EFTPOS Cost?

Signup to an EFTPOS Terminal has 2 types of costs. Terminal monthly fee and transaction fees. These costs average is the same throughout the industry.

Terminal Monthly Fee

Terminal monthly fee slightly varies between Standalone EFTPOS and Integrated EFTPOS. Usually, it’s within the range of $29 – $39 per month.

Transaction Fees

Transaction fees are based on the type of payment card type. Bank Cards, Credit Cards, AMEX, Diners, Etc. Transaction fees generally applied 20c – 25c/transaction for Bank Cards and 1.5% – 1.9%/transaction for Credit Cards. Amex and Diners vary and they are charged based on the subscription with AMEX and Diners. (These fees are estimated as of 01-07-2022)

Who is Linkly?

Linkly is a privately owned, EFTPOS payment solutions provider in Australia and New Zealand. They are the leading supplier of payment integration solutions for over 20 years, compatible with all major banks.

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