10 Key points when choosing a POS system

Ease to use Hardware & Software

POS system should be easy to set up and and easy to operate. A user friendly POS system is the most important factor when you operate with multiple staff. It eliminates operators making mistaken when ordering and taking payments.

Robust System with Reliable Hardware & Software

POS system has to be reliable to run your business with less downtime. Unsupported POS Systems are not recommended when you run the business depended on a POS System for Pricing and Checkout.

Quality Hardware

What makes this point different from above is the Quality of the POS Product. Sensitive Touch Screen which is easy to use, Thermal Printers printing Quality Readable Informative Order Dockets and Receipts. Tablet Mobile POS Option to eliminate roaming and transferring times from Paper bases Order Taking.

Ongong Training

Ongoing Training as and When you need someone to ask a questions. Retraining your Staff is your responsibility once you get a Sufficient Training to Operate the POS System. But you need someone to go back to when you come up to somewhere that you have not covered or something new, that you don’t know what to do.

Customer Care & Personal Relationship

Try not to be just an Account Number of a Big Company. Build a relationship as POS System supplier is a Close Partner of your business on a daily basis. Find the POS systems provider with a passion for the trade. Not just a Salesman you would only see up to the Signature.

MiPOS Systems Technical Support

MiPOS Systems Technical Support

Do you have anything free on your menu? Do you stock anything to give away. Do you have to pay for Support or not?

Analytics & Reporting

Detailed reports is a must to tell you how to did in the past to make changes into the future to be profitable. These reports covers, what sells most, what makes most profit, manage staff presence over the day, etc.

Remote Access & Flexibility

You should be able to access your data anywhere at anytime. Changing prices, Adding new products, Make changes does not have to happen in front of the POS System. There are Systems that you can do them remotely.

Be Future Proof

Add new POS Terminals, Printers, Tablet Devices, Ordering Systems as and when your business grow. Your POS system should be up-gradable to keep up as your business expands.

Buying on Simple Pricing

License Fees, Venue Fess, Terminal Fees, Access Fees, Module Fees, Support Fees … If the list goes on … Avoid.

What you pay, what you get is common to any industry. Check Reviews, lookup existing customers that already uses this system and find a POS supplier you pay ONLY for Product, Service and Support to suit your individual financial requirements.