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Our POS Software specialised for Both Retail & Hospitality Industry. Various integrations gives power to your business to serve your customers, efficiently and accurately.

Why Choose MiPOS Software for your Business.

Our POS Software is developed for your custom requirements, innovative ideas, suggestions. We don’t believe in License Fees. So, there are no license fees for MiPOS Software. We have developed and enhanced some great features to our POS Software. We share these amazing features with all of our MiPOS community.

pos software

pos software

No License Fees and Venue Fees.

Join 100’s of Retail & Hospitality business owners use our POS Software to better manage the business. Checkout our Google Reviews for all those positive reviews. Technology changes every day. We are on top of our POS Software, enhancing features to make it better every day. Visit us for a DEMO to get a feeling of how our POS software actually works. You will not be disappointed.

We do provide Paid Support & Services for Point of Sale System Issues. Please call 0390052010

MiPOS Learning Center

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Download a copy of POS Software user manual. This Manual is updated regularly. Maintaining a software development needs many hours of development – updates – modification – to keep up with the changing demands and requirements.

We have a strong in-house development team to guarantee our software and we stand behind it 24/7.

Download POS Software Manual

Download Software Manual

Retail POS Software

Retail POS Software

Hospitality POS Software

Hospitality POS Software

Here’s how you can streamline your order takeaway process.

1. Take the order, Customer gets a number
2. Order Number is printer on Order Docket
4. Staff knows the Order is PAID or NOT
3. Receipt holds all information you want
4. Call up the Order Number when it’s ready
5. Customer collects Receipt and Food
* No mistakes, no misuse. Order Number is reset every night

Customer Number - Order Docket - Receipt - Paid Cash

Order Docket – Receipt

Customer Number - Order Docket - Receipt - Paid EFTPOS

Order Docket – Receipt

MiPOS Software comes in 4 types of Software Configuration.

Simple Configuration

For Retail Shops suitable for Super Fast Sales only focus.

Standard Configuration

For Retail Shops, Grocery Shops, Fruit & Veg Shops with integrated scales.

Hospitality Configuration

For Cafes & Restaurants focused on complex menus, order printing, takeaways and deliveries.

Kiosk Configuration

For Self Ordering and Serving Counters.

Can I only get MiPOS Software?

Do you have existing POS hardware? Or you bought a business including Hardware. We are happy to help you setup MiPOS POS Software on your existing POS Hardware. Contact us for your Options.

Software FeaturesRetail POS Software

Point of Sale Software compatible with Barcode Scanners, Integrated Weighing Scales and Integrated EFTPOS.

1. Our easy to train Retail POS Software can handle 1000’s on Inventory.

2. The Software can manage your inventory from Mobile Stock Taking App.

3. The Retail POS Software can manage your shelf labeling and mark down labels, etc.

4. It can hold current orders temporarily and serve the next customer

5. The Retail Software can integrate weight scales (Industry Standard – Trade Approved Scales Only).

6. Customer display screen comes standard for you to display what customer buys and your specials and discounts on offer to the customer.

This Retail version of MiPOS Point of Sale Software will give you a complete control and overview of your retail business.

Software FeaturesCafe POS Software

Software FeaturesRestaurant POS Software

Point of Sale Software is designed Fast Service in mind with or without Table Layout. POS Software is heavy duty for complex Food Menus with Options and Choices. You may use Multiple Order Printers or Bump Screens to Print of Display Orders. The Point of Sale Software is capable to integrated Windows Tablets and iPads as POS Terminals to take orders on the go.

1. Very easy to train the sales process. In just 5mins.

2. Table Layout with Times on each Tables and Customer and Operator Information.

3. Cater for more complex menus with Entree, Mains, Desserts, Drinks properly Format.

4. Clear Instructions to Kitchen and Order Preparation.

5. Collect customer information for Takeaway and Deliveries. Use these information for future promotional Emails and SMS marketing.

6. Comprehensive reporting with information like “what product makes most profit for you”.

This Hospitality version of MiPOS Point of Sale Software will give you a complete control from Taking Orders, Order Printing, Takeaways, Deliveries and Table Order Management in fine dining.

Creating a Category

Category is where you place groups of products in Sale Screen. If can be a parent category or a sub category. You will need to create if it’s a new category prior adding the product into the system.

Creating a Product

You may change these setting according to the product requirement. A product may sit on Multiple Categories and a product can have upto 5 common barcodes. Lookout for Trigger Products, Product Options, Scale Setting etc.

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