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MiPOS Software Package

MiPOS Software Package

Do you have existing POS hardware? Or you bought a business including Hardware. We have a POS Software for you. Retail POS Software, Cafe POS software and Restaurant POS Software.

Software development requirements keeps updating and many hours of development – modification – addons each month is required to keep up with the change demand. We have a strong in-house development team and you can be rest assured our software is up to date and bug free throughout the life of use. We guarantee our software and we stand behind it 24/7.

How MiPOS Software can streamline your business?

MiPOS Retail and Hospitality POS software is designed to suit a range of retail & hospitality business types. Our POS Software is most suitable for Cafes & Restaurants as well as Retail Shops.

Quick takeaway options, phone order options, table layout options makes the MiPOS Restaurant POS Software more efficient for a Hospitality Business.

Quick Service options, inventory management and display/notice options makes MiPOS Retail POS Software suitable for Retail Shops, too.

Retail POS Software:

Here are some key point of consider.

1. Our easy to train Retail POS Software can handle 1000’s on Inventory.

2. The Software can manage your inventory from Mobile Stock Taking App.

3. The Retail POS Software can manage your shelf labeling and mark down labels, etc.

4. The Software is designed for quick checkout and capable of holding order temporarily until customer is ready. Continue serving next customer while putting the orders on hold.

5. The Retail Software can integrate weight scales (Industry Standard – Trade Approved Scales Only).

6. Customer display screen comes standard for you to display what customer buys and your specials and discounts on offer to the customer.

This Retail Software will give you a complete control and overview of your retail business.

Cafe POS Software – Restaurant POS Software:

You may be running a quick takeaway, a cafe or a full function restaurant with table service with fine dining. Our Cafe POS software and Restaurant POS software has been in the industry over 10 years and evolved answering 100’s of questions raised from Cafes and Restaurants like you.

Now we are at a stage that we have answered all those questions and adopted to our software. The software is now one of the perfectly places Hospitality POS software in the Industry. Our restaurant POS software is perfectly balanced with features that it can be understood by anyone in 5 mins without compromising the advanced features available.

Here are someone the features to Consider.

1. Very easy to train the sales process. In just 5mins.

2. Table Layout with Times on each Tables and Customer and Operator Information.

3. Cater for more complex menus with Entree, Mains, Desserts, Drinks properly Format.

4. Clear Instructions to Kitchen and Order Preparation.

5. Collect customer information for Takeaway and Deliveries. Use these information for future promotional Emails and SMS marketing.

6. Comprehensive reporting with information like “what product makes most profit for you”.

and the feature list goes on ….

Call Us on 0390052010 to arrange your next DEMO to check-out our software meeting your standards.

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iPAD MiPOS Terminal Coming Soon

We tend to get increasing number of calls, Restaurant and Retail Shop owners looking to upgrade the POS Software on existing POS Hardware. Usually the case is, the license fees and ongoing various types of fees are too expensive or the company provided the software no longer exist. And more frequently, they are just browsing on a better alternate Software option as the current software no longer serves the business purpose.

Using the correct POS software solution is important if you want to lead your business to success. A good POS software solution can really make a difference, and that’s why you want to opt for a software full of features for everyday needs, efficient, easy to operate and very fast. But, POS software tends to be very expensive, most of the times it can cost thousands of dollars on license fees and ongoing support fees and it won’t even include all the features you want.

MiPOS Software Package

MiPOS Software Package

Who is MiPOS?

MiPOS – POS Software is designed and developed as a simple yet efficient business software model for a Retail and Hospitality Business. The idea is to offer business owners the ability to handle all day to day business sales process and reporting functions and analytical information of their Retail and Hospitality business on an easy to understand interface. MiPOS is designed for average computer user in mind and is one of the easier to use systems available in the POS Software industry.

Why consider using MiPOS?

The software seamlessly works with the dedicated hardware to offer a fast way to manage sales. Plus, it also delivers outstanding security, and your business get all of that with a one-time payment. MiPOS does not require you to pay for any licensing fees, we never will, you just pay the software version once, and that’s all. The developers behind this software are also very active, so you do receive a lot of updates based on the user feedback.

Information and Reporting with MiPOS

MiPOS offers high-quality reports that help you identify the amount of sales, profitability and performance. At the same time, this software goes one step forward, by offering you a good insight into the current trends from your sales. As a result, you can adapt to the customer consumption pattern and offer them a much better experience. MiPOS offers immediate access to the ultimate Analytical Information about pattern and trends of your business. MiPOS is reliable, easy to operate, affordable and offers dedicated information to be ahead of your game.

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