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MiPOS Retail POS System Package

MiPOS Retail POS System Package

Retail POS Systems

Everything you need for a complete Retail Point of Sale System.

MiPOS Retail POS Systems can handle thousands of Inventory Items and there are no limitations in operating the POS system. These POS systems are designed for high demand environment in Retail, Supermarket, and Grocery environments with POS Software capable of super-fast checkout.

A Retail POS System mainly consists of a Touch Screen POS Terminal, a Cash Drawer, a Receipt Printer with Retail POS Software already installed on the POS Terminal. A Retail POS System can add on Barcode Scanner, Weighing Scale, EFTPOS Integration, Customer Display, and iPad Integration.

POS Terminal

Our POS Terminal is durable and long-lasting. The POS Terminal is a Metal design, heavy and stable on the desk. The screen design is a bezel-free screen, which means the POS screen is water-resistant and helps to operate in a dust and dirt-free operation.

The Touchscreen is a Capacitive Touch. It is very sensitive and easy to work with. It is similar to the touch and feel on a mobile phone or a tablet.

The POS Terminal is all-in-one, which means that Motherboard, Ram, Solid State Drives, and Controllers are in-built allowing the terminal to be very easy to set up with low cable management.

Dual Screen POS Terminals are generally used for advertising specials and promotions in store and display the itemized sale for customers. This extended 10-inch LCD screen is attached to the POS Terminal, seamlessly integrated without additional cabling or power supply.

Dual Screen POS Terminal with MiPOS Software and Customer Advertising

Cash Drawer

Cash Drawer is with 8 Coins and 5 Notes removable cash tray. It is a metal designed with 2 lockable keys compared to cheaper alternatives in the market. The drawer automatically opens when closing a sale.

The Cash Drawer connects to Receipt Printer via a RJ41 Cable.

Electronic Cash Drawer – 8 Coins – 5 Notes -RJ11 Connector

Receipt Printer

80mm Thermal Receipt Printer is a maintenance-free receipt printer. There is no ink to change. Prints on 80mm paper compared to cheaper 58mm Thermal Printers.

The printer has 3 interfaces depending on the nature of the application. USB – Network Wired – Network Wireless.

80mm Thermal Receipt Printer with Auto-Cut USB-Network

Barcode Scanners

MiPOS is capable of integrating Barcode Scanners for easy Inventory labeling and fast Checkout.
Barcode Scanners come with 3 choices

Single Line USB Barcode Scanner

These are Barcode Scanners on a USB Cable with Single Laser Beam to scan your product. It has a good level of accuracy and is the most common choice for everyday Retail Shops.

Multi-Line USB Barcode Scanner

Mostly used in Supermarkets, these barcode scanners have the highest level of accuracy with multiple Laser Beams capturing the Barcode Label.

Wireless USB Barcode Scanner

A hands-free option for a Barcode Scanner. The wireless barcode scanner is placed on a base station for Charging and USB Connectivity. Very similar to Single Line Barcode Scanner without a USB Cable attached to the Barcode Scanner.

Barcode Scanner Options

Integrated EFTPOS

Ask for more details about ZERO Cost EFTPOS Integration.

EFTPOS integration is a useful feature for a Retail Business to have an error-free electronic funds transfer. MiPOS now has a ZERO cost EFTPOS, which is an exciting feature to manage your cost of EFTPOS payment transactions.

Check out this video for a detailed demonstration.

Integrated Weigning Scale

NMI License is the most important legal part when Integrating a Scale onto a POS System. Both POS Software and Scale need to be Licensed by NMI (National Measurement Institute). MiPOS Software is Lincesed to Integrate CAS PD II model.

NMI Trade Approval

CAS PD II Integration with MiPOS Software (Instructions)
MiPOS NMI License to Integrate CAS PD II Scale (S766)

MiPOS Scale Integration for Retail POS system

MiPOS i5 Windows 10 POS Terminal – Video Demo

Xprinter 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer USB/NET Unboxing XP-N160II

Video Demo is Retail POS with a Scale Integration I

Video Demo is Retail POS with a Scale Integration II

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We have a showroom set up to display all our POS products and add-on options to have a look and feel for you before making a decission. We also cover all our products on Video Demos for Customers who can not reach us. We are ready to answer all your questions. Book an appointment today. All products are Brand New with Warranty and Support. Our prices are very competitive.




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    Download a copy of the POS Software user manual. This Manual is updated regularly. Maintaining software development needs many hours of development – updates – modifications – to keep up with the changing demands and requirements.

    We have a strong in-house development team to guarantee our software and we stand behind it 24/7.

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