Wifi POS Tablet – Tablet POS System

Tablet POS System designed for small cafes and restaurants. No huge investment. Food Trucks loves this version of Mobile POS system as it occupies less space and is energy efficient. Terminal Tablet works as a local Wifi Tablet so it give you an added mobile range as a service Tablet.

Tablet POS System has 2 applications.

1. Tablet POS System

Works as a standalone Wifi POS Terminal

One of the best Tablet POS System for mobile and small space applications. These windows Tablets can be used as standalone POS System Terminal with Table Mounted Tablet, a slim cash drawer, a Wifi Receipt and/or Kitchen Order Printers as many you need in the premises. All these with setup and training is available.

Check out the Solution we have provided forĀ One Fine Day Cafe – 16 Old Princes Hwy, Beaconsfield VIC 3807

2. Addon Wifi POS Terminal

Work as a Customer Service Tablet to take Orders on a Hospitality POS System Setup.

This mobile ordering tablet in suitable for taking orders on the go. No like a complete Tablet POS system, this single POS tablet will work side by side with a complete all-in-one POS System, taking order ont he go. Most suitable for high traffic Cafes and Restaurants as a second terminal or taking order on the table. Save you lot of time coming back and forth taking orders and coming back to the Main POS Terminal entering them.

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