#6 Restaurant loyalty ideas – Let’s get creative

#6 Loyalty Ideas for more Customers.

Loyalty Ideas Revenue

Loyalty Ideas Revenue

If you own a business and want to get people through the door, then a restaurant loyalty ideas is a fantastic way to do that. Of course, there are several different ways in which you can run your restaurant loyalty scheme. This is not a complete list by any stretch of the imagination, but it should get those ideas flowing.

Price-Cost-Value2 for 1 Meal Offers

If you run a restaurant or a cafe, then it is likely that you will have days of the week where you really do not have enough people coming through your doors. For example; a Tuesday night. Perhaps one of the best ways in which you can combat this is by having some 2 for 1 deals in place. You are selling a meal (obviously), but you also have 2 people coming in for some drinks where you can make some profit on it. If people were planning to go out that evening, then they are more likely to head to you than one of your competitors.

Since this is a ‘loyalty scheme’, then hand out the vouchers for this offer to patrons as they are leaving your establishment on one of the busier nights of the week (unless they have complained about your service, then maybe not)

Facebook Like or Check In

This is one of our favourite loyalty bonuses. Give people something free should they tell their social media that they are at your place. It is one of the cheapest forms of advertising you can invest in. People are more than happy to do it too (obviously, make sure that they have no complaints about your service before you encourage them to share stuff!)

MiPOS loyalty programs cards

MiPOS loyalty programs cards

Loyalty Cards

This is something which works well for cafes or any place where people will pick up their lunch. Have a loyalty card. The best route to go down is to pick up a POS which allows the loyalty card to be swiped through. Makes everything quick and easy. It also allows you to keep a more detailed record of customer spending. Alternatively, you can have a ‘stamp’ card in place. It is a bit more primitive, but could save you money.

One of our favourite routes to go down here is the idea of offering double loyalty points on your less busier days of the week. Again, a great way to get people coming through the door.

The loyalty points your customer receives can be used to ‘pay’ for items.

Coffee and Cake

Ideal if you run a cafe. If you have a regular person come in, then give them a voucher for coffee and cake. Easy. Chances are that when they come back in to use that voucher, they will buy some extra stuff at the same time. Hopefully coffee and cake is not going to be breaking the bank for your business!

Happy Hour

Not for alcohol! (well, you can do that if you wish). We are talking more a ‘personal happy hour’. If a customer spends a certain amount in an evening, then everything they get after that is discounted. It is a great way to encourage people to spend more with you.

Spend and Win

Not the most popular loyalty scheme in the world, but it could work. With this, spend a certain amount in the restaurant and you are entered in a prize draw to win something amazing. Simple stuff.

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