Features using a POS System at a Retail Shop

Features using a Retail POS System in a Retail Business

Overview on Retail POS

When it comes to running a retail business operation, it is imperative for people to see the prices they are paying for, as clearly as possible. MiPOS helps you come up with labels for products and shelves as well as create barcodes which can be scanned during checkout. Some other features available in MiPOS for Retail Business Operations include Credit Notes, Gift Vouchers, and more.

Display Prices

It is also possible to create signs which use product images with description and pricing for your customers to see in one glance the products they are searching for and know its cost.

Gift Vouchers

You can sell Gift vouchers through MiPOS Software and redeem it at your chosen later date. Gift vouchers let you keep track of bought vouchers in the event of theft or loss. You can also link gift vouches to your custom gift cards, stationery, or MiPOS can print out the voucher through the receipt printer. Every gift voucher is monitored and tracked through MiPOS which makes it easy to replace any lost gift voucher.


Laybys are being used to provide customers a specific time frame for paying off a purchase prior to bringing the products home. Customers could make a deposit on the products that the retailer will keep in storage until the products have been completely paid off or the customers decide to cancel the layby.

It is common to use laybys in retail sectors for items that don’t perish. You will get the ability to set the length of time that the customer can leave a product on layby together as well as the amount of required deposit.

Barcode Scanning

MiPOS uses barcodes for fast entry of stock products to the sales screen with the use of a barcode scanner. These can also be used for stock control made possible with the use of the Stock Manage App. Scanning is also useful on customer accounts for the membership cards, accounts, bar tabs, and for employees to log on a sale.

As an added feature, MiPOS allows multiple barcodes for a single product. Shop owners may use this feature to simplify the inventory.

Label Printing

MiPOS can come up with labels which you can print out on different mediums to be used with the barcode scanners. Customers, promotions, and stock items can all be printed with the use of different label settings.


POS Customer Display

POS Customer Display

Signs let you print out products which include images with the prices to advertise around your store which helps promote products. Design and save formats for use in the future and arrange components anywhere you like. Add different elements like Description, Image, Notes, and Price and show promotional details on signs for improved engagement.

Credit Note or Exchanges

Credit notes are utilized to give to customers who bought products. However, instead of providing a tender refund, they get a credit note that corresponds to the value of returned items to be spent in your shop.

These details are stored in MiPOS database and retrievable anytime when the customer lost the receipt.

Advertising Display on POS System

MiPOS Dual Screen POS Terminal is the best option to display advertising and promotions when customer is at the counter. MiPOS provide a standard 10 inch Customer Display Screen attached to the POS Terminal. The Screen Displays what customers buys and displays advertising and promotions at the same time.

Digital Signage

MiPOS Customer - Red Fig Tree

MiPOS Customer – Red Fig Tree

MiPOS provide more personalized Managed Digital Signage Solutions for Retail Shops. This option is suitable for Video presentations and content that needs displaying on a rotating cycle on a large LCD Screen (Over 42inch).

MiPOS may provide Managed Digital Signage Solutions at no cost for the business owner on a profit share basis. Call MiPOS for more details.

MiPOS Learning Center

Click here for MiPOS Learning Center

Download a copy of POS Software user manual. This Manual is updated regularly. Maintaining a software development needs many hours of development – updates – modification – to keep up with the changing demands and requirements.

We have a strong in-house development team to guarantee our software and we stand behind it 24/7.

Download POS Software Manual

Download Software Manual