Buying a POS System on 12 monthly payments | Easy Payment Terms

Are you looking to Buy a POS system on monthly payment terms?

But don’t want to pay fees for Finance Companies? Well, You have come to the right place.

Easy Payment Terms

Easy Payment Terms

We see an increasing number of customers willing to buy a POS systems on easy payment terms and pay off in 12 months with the cash flow generated buy the business.

MiPOS systems are designed for Retail Shops, Takeaways Shops, Pizza Shops, Cafes & Restaurants. Our POS Systems able to integrate Scales, Customers Displays, Barcode Scanners, Bump Screens, iPad tablet POS Terminals and much more.

Although MiPOS systems are fairly cost effective compared to other major providers in the Point of Sale Industry, there are many business owners prefer to take a payment plan to ease out the pressure on capital expense during setting up a business. So, our easy payment POS systems package is designed to help out that group of customers.

“Buy your POS system for a price of a cup of coffee”

MiPOS Easy Payment Terms Benefits

One single payment per month for 12 months.

No monthly fees, account keeping fees or any additional payment.

Early payoff discounts.

Simple documentation.

Own your equipment at the end of terms.

Comprehensive Support Service throughout.

* Not available for all customers and conditions apply.