#5 tips to increase venue sales

Every business wants to increase venue sale, its profit margins.

After all, more profit means more money in your pocket. This is especially true for the restaurant industry where even though profit margins can be high on most items, it would not take more than a few bad days to put your company in the red. Obviously, you could always increase your prices to make more profit.

MiPOS Customer - One Fine Day

MiPOS Customer – One Fine Day

We have a feeling that this would put many people off coming through your doors, however. This could have the opposite effect to what you intended. So, we are going to share a few ways in which you can boost your sales instead.

Know your menu

It is important that your staff know your menu inside out. Train them about the products on your menu. If the customers have a question, then your team will be able to answer it for them. If the customers want a recommendation, then your team will be able to give it to them. Your waiting team should be acting like a person in any other sales job.


You need to choose staff that are enthusiastic. You need to opt for ones which are a joy to listen to. This is because they are going to be talking about the food that you have on the menu. If they can inject some excitement into their voice when they discuss it, then they are more likely to convince the customer to pick up some of the more expensive items on the menu!


You should always be looking to upsell. Obviously, you should be doing this with drinks and the like (this is where a lot of your profit will be coming from), but you should also be doing it on your food too. For example; if a customer has decided that they want a good steak, then recommend the most expensive steak on the list. If you have a cafe-type establishment, or maybe a takeaway, then you may wish to encourage your customer to go large on their meal. The extra cost to you should not be that much here, but when you start to get a few of those people increasing the size of their meal, the extra cash coming in should start to add up quickly.

MiPOS Customer - Red Fig Tree

MiPOS Customer – Red Fig Tree

Encourage Splitting of Desserts and Starters

There is a chance that your customers will not be considering ordering either of these. If they are not, then encourage them to split the starter or dessert. After all, it is going to be better for your company’s cash-flow if you sell one rather than zero, right? It also ensures that the customer stays at your place longer. This may increase the amount of drinks that they are ordering.

Always be there for your customers

Finally; always make sure that you are there for your customers. Learn what their needs are. Have a loyalty scheme in place. Give them an incentive to keep coming back to you. It really will help when it comes to increasing your sales.

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