Best POS System for Cafes and Restaurants

Speed, flexibility, reliability, value for money and simplicity

These are the key elements using a best POS System for Cafes and Restaurants.

Whether you are running a coffee shop with a non stop flow of customers, a cafe, pizza shop or restaurant, point of sale systems is an essential part of the service you can provide for your customers. Your customers demand accuracy, a fast service and the ability to go off menu to meet their particular desires. The Point of Sale system you buy must be able to deliver these requirements.

MiPOS - best pos system for cafes & restaurants with customer display

MiPOS – best pos system for cafes & restaurants with customer display

The MiPOS service is a superb option having the best POS system in Melbourne, offering delivery within the city, and also installation and onsite training for owners and their staff.

Another important point is to use a POS system that is best for your business.  Smaller outlets may simply need something to produce order dockets and receipts.  Places employing few staff can work best with a tablet based mobile POS system. As a Point of Sale System Supplier, MiPOS can offer each of these, but also the more complex systems which play multiple roles within your organisation.

A POS system for restaurants should offer these kinds of multiple services.  It should be able to manage tables, be easy to use for your waiting team as they select customers’ meal choices, allow for special requests and easily indicate options, ensuring accuracy and customer satisfaction. The ability to record take-away choices is also important.

The requirement for POS system for pizza shops has slightly different needs, and an effective POS system will enable this. Accuracy in recording information is harder over the phone than face to face, so the system must be simple to use. Stock and delivery details need to be up to date, and a system that keeps on eye on staff is also of benefit, helping to create a more secure environment for all.

MiPOS Promo Package

MiPOS Promo Package

However, for someone running a café or coffee shop, requirements can differ once again. Here, speed is everything. The best Point of Sale systems in Melbourne, with its wide range of coffee shops, need to be fast. If they are not, then customers will take their trade elsewhere. It doesn’t matter how great your coffee might be, or how succulent your muffins, if consumers have to wait, they go elsewhere.

The MiPOS Point of Sale system for cafes and coffee shops can deal with an order in only twenty seconds. A real win for owners.

A POS system supplier that provides both POS hardware and POS software is important, enabling you to keep the whole product under one provider. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, you know exactly where to go to get it sorted, and there is no hunting around, being shifted from one supplier to another, to find user guidance.

POS Hardware Collection

Check our POS Hardware Collection. Stock is ready to pickup or put onto post. Mostly used for POS System setup projects, but used for POS Software upgrades to replace equipment such as Printers and Barcodes.



Remember, though, what your eatery is about. It is the food and beverages that define your business.  But the systems that support it must be efficient, appropriate for purpose and easy to use. They also need to be value for money. Your POS system will be integral to the running of your business, but, to the customer, it won’t be noticed.