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Basic Restaurant POS Package 2600 with optional addons

Basic Restaurant POS Package 2600 with optional addons

MiPOS Restaurant POS System

No.1 Restaurant POS System to manage busy Restaurants.

MiPOS Restaurant POS System can easily manage a busy restaurant with table ordering, and accurately take dine-in, takeaway, and delivery orders. The system supports multiple kitchen order printers, kitchen order displays, and orders at the table ordering tablets. The Restaurant POS Software is packed with features that are very helpful in Restaurant Management. Book a DEMO to evaluate whether this software is right for you.

Restaurant POS System DEMO

MiPOS has over 10 years of Industry Experience. Our Software is loaded with custom development requirements of hundreds of Restaurant Owners. We share these features among all MiPOS communities for everyone to benefit.

One of the greatest benefits of our software is that we do not charge ongoing license fees. We stand behind our Software Products and Guarantee our Software Features and Functions to benefit your Business. Talk to us for a DEMO today.

Restaurant POS System Table Layout

Restaurant POS System Menu Display

Simple Product Setup

Integrated EFTPOS

Zero EFTPOS Fees!

MiPOS Software has the option to Surcharge EFTPOS fees to take the weight of increasing Bank Fees for Card Transactions. You don’t have to change EFTPOS Terminals or sign up for Smart Pay Systems. Just give us a call for more details.

Why you MiPOS Restaurant POS?

MiPOS Restaurant POS System is easy to use, staff friendly and had loads of features that you can think of you wish to use. Most of all, it’s value for money. It’s a good balance of Hardware and Software with no ongoing payments.


MiPOS iPad POS Integration

iPad Integration with MiPOS Systems is the best option to take orders at the tables. Orders tale are printed directly to the kitchen. This eliminates a lot of time wasted with paper use. It also increases the accuracy of taking orders. You can cut down a considerable amount of man-hours as productivity is high with taking orders at the table. Most importantly, MiPOS iPad INtegration is with no ongoing subscription fees.


Restaurant POS System with iPad Integration from MiPOS

CRestaurant POS System with iPad POS Integartion.

iPad Integration for MiPOS Restaurant POS Systems

Order Docket and Receipts

Starts with a choice of Taking a Customer Name or Auto Assign an Order Number or Reserve a Table, The Order Docket provides in-depth information about the Ordered Items, Choices, Options, If the Order is being paid or not, Who Took the order as What time, etc.

Receipt Clearly Matches the Order ID of Order Dockets, making mishandling orders nearly impossible. Our Dockets and Receipt can be custom designed. Just tell us what your exact need and we try our best to customize Restaurant POS Software for your requirement.

Customer Number – Order Docket – Receipt – Paid Cash

No more handwritten dockets

Multiple Kitchen Docket Printers and Order Display Screens allow sending orders electronically to Kitchen with no mistakes or misuse. Add an iPad POS Terminal into the mix for that personalized the experience for your customers by taking orders on the table.

No Mistakes, No Misuse.

All ordered items go through the Restaurant POS System. There are no loss of revenue with missed items since all items are accounted at the time of ordering. All Items displays on the receipts with prices. Any cancellation is recorded to avoid misuse. MiPOS Restaurant POS Software has integrated EFTPOS options to avoid mistakes in Payment Handling.



More features to a Restaurant POS System.

If you are looking for VIP Points, Loyalty Cards, Email, and SMS Marketing, they are all integrated into our Restaurant POS System free of charge. Bump Screen is a touch screen system that removes the paper system and gets your orders displayed in the kitchen to increase efficiency.

1. 15″ Touchscreen All-in-one POS Terminal
2. Cash Drawer with x2 Keys
3. 80mm Thermal Printer for Receipts
4. 80mm Thermal Printer for Kitchen Dockets (Optional)
5. Option for Multiple Terminals, Multiple Printers and Mobile Tablets
6. POS Software, Installation, Menu setup, Staff Training
7. Warranty and Aftersale Service

How we build MiPOS Restaurant POS Systems

We believe in listening to customers and restaurant software feature requirements. Our Restaurant POS System is based on input from business owners like you. A Point Of Sale System can make or break your business. If you are in the market for a Restaurant POS System, check what you get from MiPOS. Most of the time, what you pay 50% is for POS Hardware, POS Software and it’s features. The other 50% is the Warranty, Services & Support you get throughout the life of the POS system.

Click here for MiPOS Learning Center

Download a copy of the POS Software user manual. We regularly update this User Manual. Maintaining software development needs many hours of development – updates – modifications – to keep up with the changing demands and requirements.

We have a strong in-house development team to guarantee our software and we stand behind it 24/7.

Download Software Manual

MiPOS is a Complete Restaurant POS Package.

Our Restaurant POS Systems also come with the POS Software menu setup, Delivery within Melbourne, and Installation Training of you and your staff.

POS systems and the way customers order and expectations is always evolving. We always listen to Business Owners and understand their needs to implement new features in MiPOS Software.

Restaurant POS Software Only

Do you have POS Hardware and only need only Restaurant POS Software? Yes, we can help you. Click here for more information.

Simple – Reliable – Affordable – POS Systems

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