PC-EFTPOS Payment Solution MiPOS Integration

PC Eftpos & MiPOS POS Systems

MiPOS Systems integrates with PC-EFTPOS to provide seamless EFTPOS card Payments without having to manually enter the value into EFTPOS Terminal. This integration allows MiPOS to communicate with bank provided Merchant Terminal making speedy payments and easy reconciliation.


PC-EFTPOS is a 100% privately owned, Sydney-based EFTPOS payment solutions provider. PC-EFTPOS is Australia’s leading specialist in providing integrated EFTPOS payment options to businesses around the country. Formed in 1998, over 170,000 terminals now operate Australia-wide, and power some of the largest Australian brands.

How it works.

When you choose to integrate MiPOS system with PC-EFTPOS, Your bank will do the initial signup application. You will receive an Email from PC-EFTPOS containing the Credentials required. The technician visiting you to deliver the EFTPOS Terminal will Install PC-EFTPOS software and configure the EFTPOS Terminal Pinpad to connect to POS Terminal, usually via USB or Bluetooth.

MiPOS will then install the necessary software upgrade and configure your POS system to activate the integration.

* PC-EFTPOS is for Windows-based operating systems only.
Please contact us for the Terms and Condition of MiPOS EFTPOS Integrations.



Bank Supported PINPads