Digital order dockets with Bump Screen

Digital order dockets with Bump Screen

Save Time Money and Improve Efficiency

Bump Screens replacing Order Printers is a common approach in Coffee Shops, Cafe POS Systems to streamline Coffee Order Takings. Due to being a wet service area, paper order dockets may misplace, misuse causing customers to wait longer than should be. With Bump Screens, this issue is avoided and going paper less brings an added advantage of saving a little money on ongoing paper consumption.

MiPOS Cafe POS System with Bump Screen

MiPOS Cafe POS System with Bump Screen

Increase efficiency and save on cost of receipt paper. Now you can display order dockets on a touchscreen, instead of print paper.

No more lost order dockets

Specially when you serve Coffees at a fast phone, bump screen is the best option to have to avoid loosing dockets and unhappy customer.

Improve efficiency

Orders sites nicely one after the other. Display timer on the screen. All information in front of your head height.

Save money

Thermal Paper is sometime feels costs too much. By using a Digital Touchscreen Bump Screens, paperless option is the best way to go.


MiPOS Bump Screen

MiPOS Bump Screens

MiPOS Bump Screen Timer

MiPOS Bump Screens Timer

MiPOS Bump Screen Manage Orders

MiPOS Bump Screens Manage Orders