A complete Easy Pay

Rent a POS option for your New Point of Sale System Purchase.

Monthly Payment Terms with Australia’s leading Retail and Hospitality Finance Services Providers.

MiPOS Easy Payments Terms

MiPOS Easy Payments Terms

You have acquired a Retail Shop, Cafe or a Restaurant, or starting up from the scratch … We know cash-flow is not easy. Common choice of new business start-up looking for easy pay. Saves cash-flow for other things. Usually unsecured (no security needed) credit. Fast and easy approval. Conserve cash flow. Low upfront cost. Pay off in 24 months. Fixed affordable monthly repayments. Repayments fully tax deductible.

Easy Payment Terms

Usually 12 months, 24 months or 36 months. Monthly payment depends with the deposit payment and residual payment. MiPOS can not provide you any financial advises, that’s not our specialty. But we can provide you a super fast service and turn-around taking you through the process.

Rent a POS

MiPOS can provide a temporary or long term Rent a POS system option. You will be renting the POS system with warranty and service covered throughout the time that you rent. Most suitable for Food Festivals, Temporary Business setup.

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